Georgia: State of Foster Care

Georgia: State of Foster Care

Our friend in Georgia is exposing abuse in privatized care of foster children.

6 thoughts on “Georgia: State of Foster Care

  1. I am in Georgia an would like to contact this person as my kids were adopted out to 2 gay men and abused all throughout foster care, and with these men as well. We have not seen out kids since June. My son got SSI.


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  3. GA is so corrupt and not one person in State or Federal Government does what is right or will be held accountable for not doing what is right. GA does steal children or hold them as prisoners for profit. GA does ignore poor parents and parents who have gotten caught up with their System.
    GA will not provide Open Records at all and they ALL pick up the phone to consult with each other to devise their dialogue to protect the Corruption that they engage in. GA State has gotten worse with its Corruption and is an Outlaw State it is a forewarning to anyone with Children especially to stay away – you will get sucked into the system if you are running from Domestic Abuse or have ‘mental health’ or ‘addictive disease’ issues you cannot trust GA State and their ‘programs’ for ‘indigent’ people you will GUARANTEED end up having a DFCS Case.


  4. GA is still the most corrupt state do not come here if you have children or have ‘mental health issues as a poor parent’ or ‘addictive disease’ issues as a poor parent you will get into the system and have an open DFCS Case; oh don’t come here escaping domestic abuse either you will get a case that way too; GA and it’s state and federal agents are apart of children for sale and keeping children in its custody for years and years and years; the state and its people are not being held accountable for this and others are profiting from this too while pretending to help those involved by ‘assisting’ people in this situation which includes ‘Christians’ or ‘Christian organizations’ – this entire state is NO GOOD due to the people who LIE MANIPULATE LIE SOME MORE and CONTINUE TO LIE – there is no other word – forget about obtaining open records too you won’t get that information either, they make you travel to Atlanta to request it because they ignore you via email or letters and they even laugh at you because you are frustrated; they tell you go here go there and then they pick up the phone to discuss their scripts so that they cover one another in this issue of CPS Cases especially; What is it going to take to get everyone who has been injured by the state of Georgia in losing their children or having their rights terminated?


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