This site is brought to you by William and Sharon Burns. Our son, Donnelly Keaton Burns, was literally stolen from us and the rest of our family by the corrupt and abusive child protection industry. To this day, Donnelly is being denied access to even KNOWING that his family did not abandon him.

We would like to thank all who support our site by visiting and commenting. We are proud to be able to continue to bring you this site AD FREE. I have re-organized the side link panel and am continuing to update old posts and place them in the appropriate category. I am checking the status of each link and have added quite a few more. Eventually, I will have a link to the laws and statutes of each state. Slide1

We are very excited about our stats! Over 500 people visit this site EACH DAY! Although, we are excited in a good way and in a BAD way. The good way is that people who need this information are finding us! Awesome! The BAD way is that CPS is on a rampage, doing things the opposite of the way they should thus, more and more people need this information!

Hopefully we have something here to help you deal with this horrible thing that you are going through. NO PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN WHO IS FIGHTING ALLEGATIONS OF CHILD ABUSE, WHO ADAMANTLY LOVE AND CHERISH THEIR CHILDREN SHOULD LOSE THEM FOR ANY REASON!! djusticebuscard2

But I am certain that those who have argued with CPS, who have told their “lawyers” that CPS lied and/or falsified evidence, whose children are well behaved and get good grades, whose children are healthy and cute, and who are doing everything that is asked of them are having a more difficult time getting their children back. Do you know of anyone who basically admitted to the allegations, who attend only some of their classes and programs, who miss visits and even continue to use illegal substances yet THEY have their children? See, that’s what I am talking about. We believe that the children of those people are not “adoptable” so CPS doesn’t want them. Yours however, are “adorable and adoptable”. My Defense Panel “attorney”, Marla Contessa Mahoney, told me straight up, ‘I will be honest with you Ms Joyce, Donnelly is VERY adorable and VERY adoptable. Even though you are doing everything you can and more, you are not going to get him back. I’m sorry.” 

(I’m not saying that if you get them back that they are not well behaved, get good grades and adorable!)railroaded2

But every case is different and CPS budgets change all the time. You may very well get your child back. If I could do it all over again, I would hire a private attorney no mater what the cost was and no matter what I had to do to get up the money (except steal it of course). That is your best chance. The only other thing you can do is go with flow, do what they want, kiss their ass and never argue with them. If you are lucky enough to get your children back  Get your case closed and MOVE. Move far away or at least to another county and don’t ever ever ever let CPS in your home again. Stay out of trouble (jail) and don’t put yourself or your children in any situation that you don’t trust or with anyone who has ever thought CPS was a good agency. Those are the ones that call the hotline. Family members call the hotline too so really be careful of them.

We believe that it is the goal of the New World Order or whatever they call themselves, is to tear apart the family unit, to pit neighbor against neighbor and make everyone generally distrust each other yet trust the government. This is to prevent uprisings against the government. Imagine what we could do to them if we we acted in unity! So make amends with your family, try to get along, genuinely, they are your FAMILY AFTER ALL. Another option, if your family loves you, is have them advocate for placement with them and to pretend to be against you. Then they agree to adopt your child(ren) and promise that they won’t let you near them. Then, when the adoption or legal guardianship is final and the case is completely closed, your family can just give you your child back. Most of the time no one is going to know that there is any court documentation as it is completely confidential. You are the parent, you have the birth certificate, who is going to say that you don’t have custody? Caution, you would have to move for sure and change schools or better yet, home school your kids. 

Yes, I am suggesting you play their game. It worked for us in our first case. You have nothing to lose by doing this because fighting them is definitely not going to get them back any sooner. Unless, of course, you have an attorney who isn’t scared of CPS nor in their pocket. Good luck with that one. 

IF YOU GET YOUR CHILDREN BACK YOU MUST SUE THEM! if everyone sues, things might change for the better and they may have to actually play by the rules and laws. SEE THE SIDE PANEL: Suing CPS. 


Good luck to you and keep your chin up no matter which way you handle it.


Sharon Joyce-Burns


  1. I am so lost I come to these websites so many times since CPS took my 6 grandbabies from my daughter. And over these past 26 months I’ve learned so much I could confidently represent families and win. But they have my addiction fix. They have my drugs. I cannot function without those babies. IF I LOOK LIKE I AM GOING TO SNEEZE they pull my visit frequency. And those children are told I forgot. Or whatever. But CPS knows I will back off for that fix. I am so lost I can’t even fight


    • Well said … I have often lamented that they (the system, corrupt officials, my ex-husband) crippled me, strangled me with my own love for my children. There are many of us out there who are living examples of how effective this method is. I am so sorry for you and yours, so sorry for all of us out here, and the poor, hapless, helpless children who have been abused and more abused by the injustice and corruption of the very system that they are supposed to be able to trust. It is the most heinous of crimes.


  2. When i was to go to trial on contesting the Allegations ,my Lawyer told me that morning the allegations had been dropped!Causing me to become confused on what was really going on!I recently read the court minutes of that day.She had lied to me,selling me down the river!I have documentation and witnesses to prove all the allegations had been lies Even have phone records to prove a surgeon was lieing about how many times she had called….And what is worse is that now i have had the medical papers which had been court ordered and medical papers court ordered for when my son was taken away from me and taken to a hospital for 10 days being examined for medical neglect and emotional abuse!On the word of the same surgeon who lied again saying because of me she wouldn’t be able to do 2nd part of surgery because now i was neglecting him because he lost 2lbs from the prior medical appointment.And that could endanger his life if she did the surgery(he was removed from my home crying and saying he didn’t want to go his mom doesn’t neglect him.And he didn’t do any thing wrong!!!The day after appointment with the surgeon.)Whom has now decided she isn’t going to do the surgery until end of school year 2014-2015.
    What started all this was my asking questions about her diagnoses and wanting to wait for the biopsy reports before doing a colostomy on my son was all!And asking why they wanted to put a pcc line in!
    After going thru all the court orderxed medical records(2x for 2x hospital stay)..There is no biopsy report or pathologist report in either set of medical records.I Think someone made a medical mistake and called cps to keep me distracted from what the real issue is here to be honest!
    I have another trl in August because i contested there allegations again…Ans these are allegations for when sw removed my son from our home,leaving his twin brother home with us?
    And as of August 28th 2014 it will be one year since his operation,meaning that is how much time i have to file a injury lawsuit for this mistake with-an attachment of a travesty of justice of what cps has done to my son and our family life..
    And the only way they could even open this case was because i had,had a prior case 15 years ago that had been closed.But there was a new law passed on January1,2012 about if a person had a prior case.But 15 years ago???
    I need a miracle …I have to find a way to file on this person because of the trauma caused to my son and the mistake she made but Tyler is the one who has been made to suffer for her trying to cover she made a mistake…..Deep Sxigh….and i feel like i have no friends but a few now because of this cps case!!
    I wish i could afford a layer for in juvvy court and to file a
    If there is any advice anyone may have that could help me on all this,

    Good luck the lad.
    I worry all the time about some thing like them taking my grandbaby’s when they come n visifor a few days!!y who is missing her grand baby’s


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