1. my god,this is what happened to me!!! I reported suspected sexual abuse on my granddaughter and guess what!!??? they said I was lying !! I wasn’t lying !! plus, the mother stabbed my son 3 times and lied under oath about !! well, I lost guardianship over me reporting abuse! I was told by my son, the dad, that I put a naked video of the baby on my fb.. I didn’t ever do such a thing! however, I did find out my old fb was hacked- I don’t have the email to look at my old fb,so I don’t know what was put on there!


  2. the first time he hit NISA I made him leave…. the courts ordered him unsupervised visitation
    When he locked them out in the cold till Katie’s lips turned blue and Nisa had to beat on his landlords door for help….. I went to CPS… they did nothing
    When he left them on the floor in the unheated living room and they got sick…. I told the CPS…. They did nothing
    When Beth at 2 was flat affect, and her counselor said she had PTSD…. She called CPS on him 3 different times, because she had proof it was him abusing her…. They did nothing
    When the family counselor found out he wanted visitation again….. she wrote a letter to the judge begging him to only give supervised visitation if any at all…. The judge quote.. said he pays child support, then he can do what he wants those girls… I begged him and told him I don’t want the child support… the judge said quote.. You do not have that choice… So I told him I DO NOT RENT MY CHILDREN OUT FOR ABUSE
    During the last hearing CPS in Darlington, S.C. told the judge they never investigated the rape charge against him because he said it was me calling, she said she never checked to find out who had called (it was one of his neighbors) The call stated they saw him raping the second oldest out in the yard!!
    My middle daughter told me just before father’s day quote please tell daddy I love him.. the phone went dead… a few minutes later he told the youngest what to say and she called… as I listened to what the youngest had to say, I heard Sharon yelling at him quote which cat did you kill… I hope it was the bad one!!
    My daughters had our phone calls taken away because me calling was upsetting Sharon!! NO NOT BECAUSE the girls didn’t want to talk… Sharon was upset because I have a phone recording where she threatened to kill me and the youngest here at home if they did not say what she wanted… She had the girls so upset they were all crying and then they told me that she was drunk and she was driving around Florence….
    Jennifer got upset because I have recordings of my girls having to take care of her children and the things Sharon and David were allowing to happen to babies like a one year old running through the living room with a long knife??? And my girls coming back from church with Irene and finding the baby’s diaper dripping…. They had to change it… she knows Sharon and David abuse those kids and her kids….
    I have so much more against them… that is why the judge ordered in court this is a Wyoming hearing…and that the girls come home and if he wants visitation he would have to fight here!!!!


  3. Yet, my girls are being held under death threats by him in South Carolina. South Carolina has already been ruled wrong venue… they no longer have say… His lawyers falsified court orders and waited till the 30th day after the hearing to put the order in front of the judge. It was not what he ordered in court and because he died less than thirty days after I started paperwork to the ethics commission… I have no recourse… His lawyer works in the law office of a Senator in South Carolina. CPS will not touch him and the police will not offend him there. My girls have only one chance… that is to run for their own safety! I know this story all too well. And yes, if my children do not run or someone intercede on their behalf he will kill them!


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