Foster Parents Get More Information Than Parents


I found this tonight. I am sharing it to give newbies a good understanding of basic principles ofJuvenile Dependency court

dependency court

5 thoughts on “Foster Parents Get More Information Than Parents

  1. this is fine for the foster parents but where is my rights as a parent written down in such a format. the agency never tried to help me at all. they are only interested in the more than 8,500 usd per child they will receive if they adopt my kids out. i have 6 children so they only have to have one attorney for the case. where is my help from CPS and where was my rights when they took them. they have told lies and more lies and yet im still without my kids.


    • That is the point of my post, to show those who are maybe still in doubt that CPS steals children and railroads parents that even the information that they provide to the public is not to promote or strengthen FAMILIES. It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY!


      • i know the feeling my heart is breaking for my great grandchildren right now. there is no way to patrol them. there is no one who will go against them. they intimidate attorneys by threatening to take their children also and the senator who was killed because she apossed them and was making it a know fact. i cant find an attorney to take our case and next month the court will terminate her rights. all from made up lies. i have the proof but noone listens to me. we are helpless. i fear for not my generation but the next one behind me. they are being taught no values nor morals and to live in fear and the point of the money being all there is. no love or respect at all. there is nowhere to turn for us right now . no one will accept us. all we hear on these site is yea u r lieing they wouldnt do that or they say yea ur granddaughter is a crack head. but only if they knew the awful truth. our visits have been cut down now to only 30 min every other week end and i am not allowed anymore. no reason just they say so. every attorney who says they will help us wants over 10,000 up front to even go over the case. again all about money. sorry to vent but i am not alone. i have sat in the courtroom and listened to many others as they come out. i am a counselor in my community but i receive no pay . i guess i am just a listener and a hugger. If anyone has any ideas pls say so. for our children are in trouble.oh yea the latest ive just been informed now the two children 5 and 7 are now on ritalin. why? well because they wont listen the the foster mom. they r being told they were thrown in a dumpster and left. which is not true but if anyone is interest in the true story pls send me ur email and i will show u all the facts.


  2. My beautiful children were taken going on two years now.
    My rights taken back in March.
    I made a move to California to start anew.
    I had finally had enough, and discovered I actually did have a backbone, as well as self-respect, dignity, and a spark of hope.
    I finally had the courage to walk out of a ugly, emotional abusive at times physically abusive marriage.

    Arrived in CA with all I had:
    My priceless babies.
    We had nothing but us.
    No friends or family to turn to.
    But once I discovered that drive and determination I had, I figured nothing can stop us now.

    Getting a job was number one.
    I drove for a living, working for the schools.
    As a school busdriver, your health has to be
    superb. And mine, wasn’t.

    I’d have these faint spells..and didn’t know why.
    After going back and forth to my doctor a couple of times, I had gotten a phone call from her office asking me to go to radiology at the hospital the next morning.
    At the time the kids and I were staying at a
    My oldest was 10 years old @ the time, and I left her in charge to take care of my youngest one, who was two.
    The night before we practiced locking the

    door, in preparation for when I leave for the hospital.

    Most hotels have the L- handles, which we had, as well as the top latch.
    I showed my daughter how to lock the door to satisfy my peace of mind. She reminded me she wasn’t a baby, that she understood what to do.
    And I knew she did. I wanted to be certain that everything was fine.
    There was a phone in the room, and I could call and check on them from my cellphone.
    I’m going to the hospital to get a MRI, and in no time flat, I’d be done.
    Everything will be fine.

    Thirty minutes later the police are calling
    me, saying someone found my child
    wondering around in the parking lot.
    This female officer actually decided that I was not at the hospital.
    She just figured that I must be lying.
    Who goes to the hospital these days, she must’ve been wondering.
    She said for me to hurry back, because if I
    didn’t she was calling child welfare.

    Well guess whose the liar now?

    Some time later, I learned child welfare was there before the police ever got there.
    So leaving the hospital before i gave them a chance to run the MR, and arriving back at the hotel in less than 20 minutes, wouldn’t have mattered a hill of beans seeing how the inevitable was already before me.

    As of now, I’m awaiting the court of appeals decision on this case.
    So much more I wish I could list here.
    But I’m sure you get the picture.

    All that I’ve seen, been through, I will be the only one that gives a damn, the only one that takes it serious, the only one truly that loves my children like no other…and MOST
    CERTAINLY the only one that will die trying to correct the faults placed upon my babies and me from these money-hungary-crib-hunters.

    They just don’t know.
    They don’t realize what doorway they have wondered into.
    This has become my life.
    If I get my children today or tomorrow, I wont stop fighting.
    Every child that has been seized by this corruption has a state of mind that’s confused and a heart that’s in pain.
    My heart is broken for all these children and their families.

    So to me, the fight WILL NEVER END until all these families are reunited and this toxic system they call children protective services, child welfare, children services..
    comes crashing down and abolished to the throat of hell.


    • i hear u and i share in your pain. also in same situation but in my case the children were taken because they needed the gov money of m ore than $8,500 per child to get them to adoption. since these 6 children are well behaved there is no problem of adoption. there are so many lies told by them and now about to loose parental rights because of it. no attorney to handle it and no money to fight it. there is no justice. you have all my tears and my prayers.


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