The Facts about the hidden Child Protective Industry.

Parents the facts are in.  Ask yourself will your child be killed before you try to PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE CHILD PROTECTION SERVICES TRAFFICKING.INDUSTRY  If we have to hurt these people to protect our children then that is what will happen..Americans allow their children to be sexually abused and even murdered by Child Protective Services under the guise of saving the children,  That sounds just as crazy as a Iran attacking us because they are jealous of our freedoms, people need to recognize propaganda and false flag operations and stop being so stupid.

The Evil Ones holding the office of the White House tell Child Protective Services that we need 10 or 20 thousand children to be sacrificed every year. But there are some unspeakable acts which are so barbaric that even an occupied nation like the US cannot permit unless they ignore that it exist. The politicians have been caught molesting children and then they are never heard from again. All anyone has to do is look these things up. .

The Transportation Security Administration is allowed to hire men and women of such a low caliber for the TSA that they are willing to put their hands inside the underwear of children and their parents teaching an entire generation to submit to public humiliation and molestation. If the man with a badge wants to molest you, then you cannot say No. Nor can your mother say No to public humiliation. Even a Presidential candidate and well known public figures have been groped.

The TSA is not just at airports. They are at bus and rail stations, at highway road blocks, at sporting events and will soon be at shopping malls.

The people who for the time being own our governments kidnap 250,000 women and children a year world wide to be used as sex slaves. True most of these women and children are taken by organized Russian Jewish crime syndicates from eastern Europe. But what does happen to missing children and to children under protective custody in


There is the famous case of the Texas Youth Commission. TYC is the second largest custodial care facility for juveniles in America. Texas Rangers (police) were fired for investigating complaints of wide spread child abuse at TYC. US Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez was accused of misconduct for failure to investigate well documented cases of abuse. One hired officer said, “ to get hired in one of these facilities you must be a pedophile or at least buy into the abuse of these children.  Everyone hired had a felony of a serous crime.” Since Gonzalez was a republican, you would expect the Democrats to have made a strong case against President Bush’s chief legal officer. Certainly against Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney, who made the case that the minors consented to and even enjoyed the acts of pedophilia, therefore no further action was necessary. Could it be that Democrats as well as Republicans do not want any real investigations into these reported cases because it would lead to to their donors too?

Similar stories can be found at Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF.) In Florida residents are threatened and harassed by the DCF branch of the Broward Sheriff’s Office if they report neighborhood drug dealers who pay cops. Based on statistics, children are sexually abused 8.6 times more while in DCF Custody. The state of Florida lost more than 3,000 children in Foster care. What happened to those children?

DynCorp and Halliburton have been accused with overwhelming evidence of human trafficking, sexual slavery and forced labor. Yet DynCorp has been given contracts to staff and manage Child Protective Services in many states. Catherine Austin Fitts had a

secretary who was falsely accused of child abuse in a state where DynCorp ran CPS. Her secretary beat the false charges by moving her secretary across a state line to a DynCorp free CPS.

Historically, the sale of addictive drugs has been practiced by the Anglo-Jewish Empire to control occupied subjects as evidenced by the Opium wars of 1839–1842 and 1856–1860. Currently, America has been inundated with drugs ever since Israel and their friends inside the American government successfully assassinated President Kennedy and covered it up from public view. The CIA and its business partner, the Sinaloa drug cartel, has been routinely shipping 5 tons of cocaine at a time into the US. That nearly 80,000 Mexicans have been killed in drug wars over the past 5 years actually is considered to be a good thing as the people in charge seem to enjoy human sacrifice.

Bankers make a lot of money by laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drug sales. They are also laundering the profits for human traffickers. Aaron Lopez was one of the wealthiest Jews in colonial America. He was a slave trader who unsuccessfully sued the colony of Rhode Island for citizenship. Historical records unearthed a few years ago in Britain revealed Lopez was an agent for the Rothschilds. Jews owned 90% of the slaver ships. One neglected aspect of this trade was that rum from the more than 20 Jewish distillers plus guns were sold to Indians who killed settlers and were in turn killed.

In Israel there are hundreds of brothels at which many of the women are captive victims of the slave trade. They are forcibly given drugs and raped a dozen or more times a day. The Talmud tells Jewish men that they are not guilty of a crime if the women they repeatedly rape are not Jewish. That explains the lack of prosecutions in Israel.

In the United States bankers have stolen over 30 trillion dollars. The Talmud tells the Jews that robbing the Gentiles is allowed as soon as they get control of the government. There is abundant evidence that America is an occupied nation. Israel is permitted to assassinate our Presidents and to blow up buildings with Americans inside.

I explained to a young black woman today that Americans will not be aware that they have been robbed of 30 trillion dollars until hyperinflation cuts their wages in half over the next 16 months.

This next article explains why Israel demands we die to make it safe for their fantasies.

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This concerns the right of Israel to blow up buildings with Americans inside.

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I would suppose the people of the world will want at that time to redress all of their grievances against the people who think they own our governments. This assumes we do not die in World War III making Israel safe for its fantasies. Or die in a plague. Or die in American concentration camps.

Author’s Notes: The first article is from a series on the Talmud.

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