RIVERSIDE COUNTY DPSS email addresses are predictable. Its the first name inital+lastname@riversidedpss.org. There are some variations such as for those with the same last name. For example, Jennie Pettet is the Deputy Director and for some reason she uses je rather than just her initial. (jepettet@riversidedpss.org)  Her husband, Rick Pettet, also works there and they have the same last name and that may or may not have anything to do with the variation but possibly.

Its funny, they act like they have the power of   GOVERNMENT yet their internet presence is just a .org not a .gov. I’ll find out why when I have the time, unless someone knows and wants to comment on that.

For Riverside Defense Panel Attorneys it is very similar:

first initial+last name@juvdp.com

so if MARLA MAHONEY is your attorney her email would be:


Again, they act like they are some kind of non-profit but they are a .com. Actually, the Juvenile Defense Panel is contracted by a law firm called Burns and Oblachinski who then contracts the attorneys. They are “independent contractors” yet they all share the same office and do not represent any other clients other than those involved in Juvenile Dependency Court. 

I don’t know about the judges, I would assume that they use their normal judicial email address rather than have a separate one for CPS cases.

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