Agenda 21 is here.


Child Protective Services (“CPS”) takes American children from DECENT NON-ABUSIVE PARENTS as well as some abusive ones. Out of the few children who are truly being abused and neglected, CPS purposely leaves those children in dangerous homes on purpose and those who die will be used for publicity and to campaign for more funding. CPS will continue to do this UNLESS PEOPLE WAKE UP.
Who REALLY trusts the government explicitly? No one I’ve ever met. So, WHY then does everyone seem to trust their motives when it comes to taking our children? Most of these children haven’t been hurt or neglected that is, until they enter foster care where they get sexually molested and abused, physically hurt and put on psychotropic medication, some as young as 2 years old!

When did people become so blindly programmed that government could come into our lives and take our children and not lose their lives doing so? I, on the other hand, was willing to protect my child to the end but chose not to use enough force, apparently. This is how I was raised.

I am still fighting for my child the only way I can and in doing so, I encounter thousands of parents who have lost their child due to false allegations, exaggerated allegations, falsified evidence, coercion and the lack of proper representation. This is infuriating yet so many parents don’t even stand up for their child being taken and abused by government, well at least not enough. Maybe because their OWN FAMILY does not believe them because they are programmed to believe that CPS is actually doing what they say they are doing and have NO CLUE THAT IT IS ALL A PART OF THE AGENDA.

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