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                                     INNOCENT ACCUSED OF ABUSE OR NEGLECT

 By Ray Thomas


We accept all CPS files sent to us to help families and thank the Parents who have already done so, you are  creating change for families. If you win or lose your experience and case file will help us to build a case against CPS.

This is written for those who are innocent of child abuse. For whom no real proof exists that they are, indeed, child abusers. This report is designed to be a self-defense manual to help you resist the baying hounds of CPS and force them to abide by the law and the Constitution in dealing with you. I’ll tell you about many of the scams, schemes and cons they use to get you to give them permission to ignore your Constitutional rights, the patterns that you will find in their treatment of you and your children in their efforts to twist your every word and action to show guilt where none exists. I’ll also give you a (partial) list of the things they use to judge abuse, and some tips for your use in resisting their scams. It is hoped that if you are forewarned, you will be better able to stop them from raping you and your family the way they do about 80% of the others who are accused of child abuse.

IF YOU’RE GUILTY, STOP READING NOWBut if you’re guilty–and if you are, you know it–you might as well stop reading right here because this report will not help you avoid what is rightfully coming. No one hates a child abuser, particularly a child sexual abuser more than I do, and those who are guilty of it deserve what they get. But I still want those accused of child abuse, even the guilty, to get the same rights that are offered to murderers and other criminals, major or minor. That they be allowed to confront their accusers and be able to sue them for damages if they lie in their charges (One good description of a CPS snitch line is this: a 911 service that cannot distinguish between life-threatening crimes and littering). That child abuse, sexual or otherwise, be proved in a court of law beyond reasonable doubt before any action can be taken other than possibly the temporary removal of the children (only if there is ample evidence that abuse is actually taking place and the child is in real danger if left in the home).

And even in this case, I want the parent to have the right to an immediate hearing (and not a rubber stamp hearing to legalize kidnapping, which is how it is as this is written) to determine if the charges are real or simply the result of someone’s personal opinion, not backed up by any real evidence (with postponements kept to a minimum by court order, and no unsupervised questioning sessions allowed with the children at any time). That all questions of guilt be decided on the innocent until proven guilty standard used in all other courts, as directed by the Constitution. In short: I want the same rights granted to CPS victims as are granted to a rapist or a murderer. That’s it. No bias here in favor of the molester, as CPS would have you believe. But a definite bias in favor of everybody concerned obeying the law of the land and the Constitution.

Last, and maybe most important, I want the practice of billing the victims for the cost of foster care in cases where they’ve been proven innocent to be stopped. This practice adds insult to injury, and allows CPS to collect money for expenses incurred when they violate people’s Constitutional rights. To force victims to pay the victimizers for the cost of the victimization is an abomination. Worse yet, they’re getting laws passed in all states to create a database of deadbeat parents so they can permanently stigmatize those who refuse to pay this ransom by designating this money as legitimate child support. They even want to be able to keep such people from getting any kind of license, from driver’s licenses to professional licenses, and be able to take such licenses they do have away as well, all on the “bureaucratic designation” that they are a deadbeat parent–for refusal to pay the cost of their victimization.

HUGE UPSURGE IN FALSIFIED CHILD ABUSE REPORTS BY SOCIAL WORKERSUnder the watchwords “the best interests of the child,” 130,000 kids are taken from their parents each year by a system geared to act first and ask questions later. However, two-thirds of the 2.2 million reports of child maltreatment turned out to be unfounded. And of the substantiated reports, only 15 percent involved any serious risk to the child’s safety, according to Douglas Besharov, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and first director of the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect. “It’s this 15 percent,” he concluded, “that need the kind of intervention the Krachts received but Lisa Steinberg didn’t: immediate removal from the home. [The Krachts represent a well-documented case of false accusation of child abuse and Lisa Steinberg was killed when she was not removed from the home. -RT] An atmosphere of well-justified concern for maltreated children has bred a monster that can traumatize both parents and kids, trampling their rights to a parent-child relationship.”

Dan Zegart wrote this in 1989, in an article in Ms. Magazine. But the figures are much higher today, mostly because of the incessant drumbeat of stories in the press instigated by power seekers in our government who wish to use the children in their quest to dominate the rest of us. People today are more aware than ever of just how easy it is to “lead Child Protective Services around by the nose” in falsely reporting child abuse. All it takes is an anonymous call to one of their many snitch lines to set the (CPS) hounds baying after both innocent and guilty people, and they don’t bother to make a distinction, in most cases. “If you’re reported, you must be guilty” in their lexicon. Prosecutors use child abuse cases as an easy route to higher office, since it’s much easier to convict someone of child abuse than of murder.The “standards of proof” are much lower. And they can easily trump up charges against their critics, since all it takes is the charge for CPS to start “baying after them.”


Child abuse has in recent years taken on a witch hunt atmosphere wherein all it takes is a simple anonymous telephone report to start the nightmare, both for innocent parents and their children. Good Samaritan laws (for the most part) completely protect everybody from retaliation even if they lied in their report for an ulterior motive. The same laws force health and child care professionals (anyone who deals regularly with children professionally) to report any suspicion of abuse to the children in their care. If they don’t, they face penalties which could range from reprimand to the loss of their license and financial ruin, even charges being filed against them. Even the children know how easy it is to nullify their parents by charging them with child abuse. They’re taught that in school. But what they don’t know is what such charges are going to mean for themselves, when they’re ripped from their families and placed in foster care where, figures prove, they are much more apt to be abused.

ANTI-FAMILY BIAS I WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW CPS WANTS AND INTENDS TO SEPARATE AS MANY FAMILIES AS THEY CAN. DO NOT LISTEN TO CPS CALL THE FBI FIRST THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO STEAL YOUR CHILDREN THEY SIT IN THE OFFICE AND LAUGH AT YOUR PAIN I HAVE WITNESSED THIS. CALL THE FBI UNTIL WE GET CHANGE OVER AND OVER.  AS GOD IS MY WITNESS THIS IS ON PURPOSE.THESE PEOPLE ARE ANGRY MONSTERS AND MUST BE FIRED There is a well-documented anti-family bias in the child protection industry and when CPS workers go after you, you are deemed guilty as soon as you’re reported. Never mind the proof. The fact that 60%-80% of child abuse charges today are unsubstantiated seems to be lost on them. They think they’re right, and they won’t hear otherwise.

Here I must say that I don’t believe every child protection worker to be a monster. There are many well-meaning, but unfortunately ill-trained individuals there who really want to do good. Unfortunately, they, themselves, have been brainwashed into believing that all parents are potential child-abusers and that they do not harm the children (they do) by taking them from the home. A large percentage of them however, are paranoid, and see sex offenders under every bed (or on top). Many are in the business only because they were themselves in the foster care system and many were abused there. They see a child sex offender in a man who changes his daughter’s diapers and while doing so, touches her privates. They see an abuser with every whack on the backside. Those people are sick.


“It’s time we started to recognize the self-serving nature of the various abuse crusades that get launched with ever-increasing regularity by that coalition of groups in our society: social workers, therapists, the media, the courts, the shelters, etc., which make their livings by exploiting, and oftentimes creating, family pathology.” This is a quote from Fidelity, February, 1985, page 33, on the “cottage industry” that has sprung up around child abuse, whose very reason for being is to make the problem more severe so as to enhance their bottom line at the expense of the family. The article further said: “It’s time to stop the funding of parasites who make their living by creating problems for themselves to solve. Those professionals who would become surrogate parents in the name of concern for the children do nothing more than guarantee future business for the therapeutic state. By attacking the family they create, willingly or not, a nation of patients ready to seek them out for treatment (And if CPS has its way, are forced to seek them out for treatment.).”


The federal Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980 requires that reasonable efforts be made to keep families together and that only children in real danger of maltreatment be placed in foster care. But, according to Mary Lee Allen, director of child welfare and mental health for the Children’s Defense Fund, there is considerable gap between theory and practice. In other words, they tell you they’re interested in keeping the kids at home, but are much more quick to take them than to leave them at home in almost all cases, because that’s where the money–and the power–is.and they are trained to believe family is the abusers and as ex foster kids that is easy to believe after CPS made sure their childhood was hell and all blamed on the parents they were stolen from. If you don’t think this is a conspiracy keep reading.


It has become a common theme for a spouse to accuse the other spouse of child abuse or child sexual abuse in order to gain an advantage in a divorce case. In fact, attorneys routinely advise them to do so, true or not. And this is not just in contested divorces. In many cases, both spouses are accusing each other of child abuse. In most cases it’s: “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do,” because once the CPS thugs get their hands on the kids, they just don’t want to give them up. They use every lying, deceitful trick in the book to keep them. They’ve been known, in many cases, to push for adoption for the children, even in cases where abuse cannot be proven. Neither parent then has any rights, even the one whose lies got it all started. False child abuse charges have become a valuable tool to be used in other conflicts as well, such as landlord-tenant disputes and even in auto accidents. It has become known as an easy way to hurt your opponent without cost to yourself and follows this same tactic to kidnap your kids. CPS willingly hurts them for you and you are completely protected from any but unlawful retaliation. I predict it will become a useful tool in many other areas in the future, too. Government has figured out how to destroy the family and according to government documents. (The Family is the number one threat to Government) this is insane but was the Bush agenda called agenda 21 and gave CPS a new lease on life to use the family for funding.

Think about all the insane things CPS does and the crazy arguments these workers come up with.  Why would anyone want to hurt the family?  This is the way they are trained and after being raised to believe family is bad in foster care, these people are like robots not even knowing what they are doing is wrong.

Another common theme is for CPS people to come in on a case where the parents have found evidence that someone else has abused one or more of their children, and they immediately accuse the parents.Then they proceed as if the parents were guilty. One famous story involved a couple whose child was the subject of flashing by a man who broke into her bedroom. CPS charged the father with it. They demanded he leave the home before the child could be returned, even though they couldn’t make a case in court. They were ready to go for revocation of parental authority in preparation to put the child up for adoption when the father caught the man breaking into the same window and apprehended him. The man was convicted of being the perpetrator both times. CPS was unmoved. They continued their quest until the judge ordered the child returned. Then they attempted to collect money for foster care.


Subjectivism insists that there are no absolutes, while Objectivism insists that there are. The hilarious thing about it is that both are making statemets of an absolute when they insist on their opposing philosophies. This doesn’t hurt the Objectivists, because they not only admit the existence of absolutes, it is a basic part of their philosophy. But the fact that the subjectivists’ very statement of principles negates not only their statement, but their entire philosophy as well, infuriates them, since their philosophy is a simple mechanism which, if accepted, relieves them of all responsibility and allows them to decide for themselves what laws mean. This gives them a lot of power and that’s what they want. Subjectivism is a philosophy most bureaucrats adhere to (whether they know it or not) because it’s a valuable tool for them.

Child abuse laws tend to be subjective because that gives the CPS workers license to decide for themselves just what constitutes abuse in all cases. That means they can make a dirty sock on the floor, or even the fact that a parent is a smoker into a full-blown abuse case at their whim. The courts back them up because the standard of evidence allowed in family court is not the same as in criminal court. In criminal court, the accused must be proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt. In family court, the standard is simply by a preponderance of evidence. Hearsay evidence, the subjective judgement and the opinion of the CPS people are given much more weight than that of the defendant. The cards, in other words, are well and truly stacked in favor of CPS.


If they can’t prove you’re guilty and if the court acquits you of abuse, their opinion is this: “Just because we couldn’t prove it does not make you innocent. This `not guilty’ verdict only means we couldn’t come up with enough evidence to prove your guilt.” In other words, you have been guilty since they first accused you, because they accused you, and even though the court has not convicted you, you are still guilty. You just can’t win with these people.


Every bureaucracy has patterns in their operations. If you can figure out what these patterns are, you’re a lot closer to beating them than if you’re ignorant of them. Let’s look at some of the patterns used by child protective services workers:

  • They’ll twist everything you say or do to indicate your guilt: If you refuse to let them in without a warrant, you’ve got something to hide. If you insist on your Constitutional rights, that’s an indication of guilt. If you refuse to say anything without your lawyer present, that’s another indication of guilt. In fact, just about anything you can do or say indicates your guilt in their minds. That’s a major pattern. The judge may not buy it, but then, he might. They often do. Many buy it because they’re expected to buy it.
  • You’re guilty: We’ve already noted one of their patterns. You’re automatically guilty if they or someone else accuses you. Anything you do from that point on is evidence of guilt. They go in with a bias, since they are taught that every parent is a potential child abuser. Then it’s just a short step to do whatever they have to do to establish the parent’s guilt, including intimidation, lies, deceit, and even violation of their Constitutional rights.
  • Your protestations of innocence are an indication of guilt: When you’re accused of anything, your first inclination is to claim your innocence. This is human nature, and in real life, has nothing to do with your guilt or innocence. But with CPS workers, the very fact that you protest your innocence is, to them, evidence of your guilt. This is one of the basic things they’re taught when they are training to become CPS workers. They’ve even got a clinical-sounding term for it: you’re “in denial.”
  • Anger is an indication of guilt: If you get angry when they accuse you, that’s an indication of guilt. Never mind that accusations such as this would make a monk angry. Never mind that their supercilious, officious attitude is guaranteed to make you angry even if you’re innocent. To get angry means, to them, you’re guilty.
  • Threaten to throw them out if they don’t leave and you’re guilty: Many times, they intimidate their way into your home or just con their way in. Then, when they make it evident that they’re collecting evidence of your guilt, and you ask them to leave, they insist that your request itself is an indication of guilt and make no effort to leave. Then when you order them out, and tell them that if they don’t leave, you’ll throw them out, it goes in their report. Now you’re marked down as “potentially violent.” Don’t threaten. Just tell them to leave and don’t say another word even if they try to get you to talk. Silence is one of the most powerful pressures there is, and it is non-violent. An attitude of standing still with your arms folded might help.
  • Intimidation in place of a warrant: In most cases, the fact that they have no warrant, and are bound by the same Constitutional restrictions as are police means nothing to them. They are trained to use every con and scam there is to gain entry to your home without it. Once in, they use just about anything they see as evidence of child abuse. If there are dirty dishes in the sink, or if the child has a skinned knee from a normal childhood fall, you’re an abuser. Anything they see can be twisted into “evidence of abuse,” and they’re well trained to do the twisting. The list of things that can be used to establish child abuse is long, and completely subjective (see above for definition of subjective). They can twist just about anything to prove abuse to the point where they can snatch your kids and force you to ransom them by your actions, and with your money.
  • Lies and deceit: They think nothing of telling you lies to gain entry into your home, and of using intimidation to convince you to sign papers that allow them to do things that the Constitution prevents. Once you’ve signed those papers, you’ve given up those rights. Never sign papers they demand you sign, even if they tell you that you must, without advice from (your own) attorney. And don’t let them recommend an attorney. Never believe anything a CPS worker tells you because they’re probably lying. They’re trained to lie in order to get around Constitutional restrictions. It’s a sorry thing to have to say, but it’s true. And it’s something basic that you must remember in order to deal with them.
  • They impose their own values on their “clients”: In one case of which I have personal knowledge, the father attempted to deal with a tantrum during a supervised visit by ignoring the child and letting him cry. The social worker jumped in and told him he should cuddle the child. The fact that he refused to do so was put in his file and used against him later. That the foster parent agreed with the father didn’t seem to make any difference.
  • Demands that you or your children undergo counseling: One of their best-known cons, and the most lucrative for all involved, is to force people accused (not convicted) of child abuse to undergo “counseling” as a means to get the charges dropped. They also demand you sign papers allowing them to put your children through counseling (“to help straighten out this situation, don’tcha know?”) Don’t buy it. The counseling sessions are little more than “star-chamber” questioning sessions to get the kids to say something–anything–against you, while getting you (or the government) to pay the bill. Many of their counselors have few, if any clients other than those referred by CPS agencies, and they know which side of their bread carries the butter. Counseling parents and children in child abuse cases is a lucrative cottage industry (One “patient” can be worth $10,000 to a “counselor” if they find abuse. If they find the wrong way they’ll be taken off the list). Some even kick back part of their fees to workers who refer a lot of business their way. [It’s a way for the worker to make some money, right? -RT]
  • Intensive (star-chamber) long-term questioning of children: They have undisputed custody of your children after they snatch them from you, and you don’t know what they’re doing to them. You can’t even ask. In most cases, they take them regularly to sessions where they constantly subject them to questioning. They call it “counseling.” They ask questions such as: When your daddy put his hand on your penis (or vagina), did he rub it? Did it feel good? (It’s like a salesman’s closing question: any answer indicates your guilt.) Children just aren’t prepared to resist such expert questioning, and will eventually give an answer that can be used against the parent. These are questions small children shouldn’t even be aware of, let alone be asked by strangers. They describe sex acts the kids had never even heard of, and teach them to be sexually aware. (Never mind that a child being sexually aware is an indication of child abuse. Just who is abusing them, anyway?). They take them to hospitals and clinics and subject these frightened, impressionable children to strip-searches in order to humiliate and frighten them further. Where actual sexual abuse is practiced upon them (in one case a female doctor proudly described the fact that she actually stuck her finger into a child’s vagina and asked if the suspect put his in this far).In some cases, they subject them to “medical procedures” such as penile plethysmography, in which penis-shaped sensors are inserted into the girl’s vagina or a ring is placed around a boy’s penis while showing them government-created pornography. This is done to “learn what turns them on” [See my Comprehensive Report, “Target: Your Children” for more complete information on this, or the book, “Out of Control: Who is Watching Our Child Protection Agencies?” By Brenda Scott, available from most VOCAL groups or can be ordered by most bookstores -RT]. They continue this for months, even years, suggesting things that you might have done to them time after time, until finally the kids wear down and start telling them what they think they want to hear, just to make it stop. Then they immediately videotape the child saying those things and use it in court, in an attempt to bring criminal charges against the parent. Sometimes they just “testify” to what the child has supposedlysaid and the courts routinely admit this hearsay “testimony.”They tell them such things as: “If you say they did something to you, they’ll get off a lot easier. They’ll just have to take a few parenting classes, and you can go home. But if you don’t, they may have to go to jail for a long time and you won’t ever be able to go home.” If you were an impressionable young child, told something like this by an all-powerful government agent, what would you do? Remain silent while your parents go to jail or make something up to make it easier on them? When they question the parents, they tell them things like: “If you admit your guilt, you’ll get your child back immediately and you’ll only have to go to a few parenting classes. But if you stick to your story, you could lose her for 6 months, or permanently.” (Women’s Day, May 6, 1986, page 42)
  • Strip-search the child: These strip searches are outside of those done in the clinical atmosphere when someone is accused. In these, they come to the child’s school, without parent’s knowledge or consent. They strip and fondle these small, frightened children by force, and ask them sexual questions. Their excuse here is that they are searching for signs of sexual or child abuse (without any kind of probable cause, they go on a fishing expedition.) But part of the reason for doing this is to subject the child to the indignity of such a search, and the attendant manipulation of their genitals, as part of the breaking them down process to get them to accuse their parents. In some places this gets them (CPS) in trouble. In others, not: such as the Texas case in which a judge ruled that “when you drop your kids off at school, you give up all rights to control what happens to them there.” This judge is obviously constitutionally ignorant, and dangerous. There’s another reason why some workers do this: some of them are latent pedophiles themselves. What better way to get to fondle children’s genitals, or watch while someone else does so, (without worrying about criminal charges) than to be the one who would file those charges in the first place?
  • Use an existing medical problem to prove abuse: In the Robin and Bob Johnson case in 1985, (Woman’s Day, May 6, 1986, page 30) they forced their way into the Johnson’s house without a warrant and took the child based on a single report by a physician in a hospital (who was afraid that if he didn’t report it, he would be in trouble, but who would be protected from all [legal] repercussions [by the “Good Samaritan” Laws -RT] if he did) that the child had a vaginal discharge due to Gardnerella vaginalis, which he thought could be sexually transmitted. The county’s special doctor (who earned $10,000.00 a month or more doing such work for the county) agreed, and further said he found that the girl had a dilated hymeneal ring.A second lab found otherwise. That it was not Gardnerella vaginalis, but in fact was Hemophilia influenza, a common bacterium for which there is no evidence of sexual transmission. (The original lab was already under suspicion for sloppy lab practices, and their findings should not be given the weight of evidence, especially in the light of the other findings.) In addition, five other physicians disagreed with the county-paid doctor’s dilated hymeneal ring finding. In spite of this evidence, CPS pursued the Johnson case to the bitter end. Even when ordered to return the children by the court, they dragged their feet and even then kept the Johnsons listed in the state child abuser database.
  • Use plea bargain offers to get people to testify against each other and plead guilty even when they’re innocent: In the Jordan, Minnesota sex ring case, (Fidelity, February, 1985, page 30) which was, as usual, based solely on the unsupported word of children who had been questioned over long periods of time, defendant Robert Bentz said that after significantly increasing the number of (unprovable) charges against him, prosecutor Kathleen Morris offered to dismiss most of them and reduce his possible forty-year prison sentence to ten. Then no jail, just treatment, then all charges dropped if he and his wife would just testify against others in the case. At that time, all they had was the unsupported word of intimidated children, and they needed some adult testimony. Extorting it from others who are under false charges is their way of getting it.
  • Retaliate by billing successful former victims for foster care costs: When you win, you’re still not home free because they commonly bill their victims for the cost of their victimization. This allows them to thumb their noses at those who have beaten them. (See deadbeat parent laws, elsewhere in this report.)
  • Trump-up charges against their critics: Woe unto you if you dare to criticize what they’re doing in any way. They’ll find something to charge you with, even if they can’t prove it. Such charges have a way of discrediting people who are hurting their cause so they’re common. I expect them to trump up some charges against me one of these days, because I intend to severely hurt their cause. I hope they do so I can hurt it some more.


Child Protection authorities go out of their way to stop parents from punishing their children in any effective way, then they make laws punishing the parents when those children get into trouble. The children learn quickly, too. In many cases, children who report child abuse are doing so in order to flout parental authority. In the Paul and Jenny Kracht case (Ms. Magazine, June, 1989, page 78), the child who made the charge had warned his father on several occasions that if he made him go to school, he’d be sorry. Well, he’s sorry now. And so is his son, who didn’t know what kind of a buzzsaw he was turning loose on his family

 Part 2


Figures now show that children are much more liable to be abused, physically and sexually, in foster homes than in their own homes. Many (not all) foster parents are just in it for the money, since each child is worth $300 to $400 or more a month to them. In many cases, foster care is what makes the difference for the foster parents between paying the rent or not. Between having enough food on the table or going hungry. Some are really making a lot of money (some foster parents make thousands of dollars a month while “caring for” large numbers of children). And the zeal the CPS workers show in investigating real parents is not shown when investigating new foster parents. Nor do they show the same amount of zeal in investigating reports of abuse in foster homes as they do in the children’s’ real family (probably because the foster home is part of the system).Don’t mistake what I’m saying here. I’m not trying to say that all foster parents are abusers. Not at all. Most are good people. But there are too many who either abuse the children themselves, or allow other children in the foster home to do so. It is a problem that CPS does not, under any circumstances, want to confront because it destroys their entire thesis that children are safer in foster care. If children can be abused in foster care and are even more liable to be, then what’s the point in putting them there?

END THE WITCH HUNTIn his special report in Ms. Magazine in June, 1989, writer Dan Zegart noted this: “Many parents compare the experience of being falsely accused of child abuse — the lack of legal safeguards, the terrible stigma of the accusation — to a witch hunt. In the real witch trials of seventeenth-century Salem, the little girls making accusations were finally silenced when they began to ensnare prominent citizens of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, including Lady Phips, wife of the governor. In The Devil in Massachusetts, Marion Starkey wrote that in the final stages of witch-hunt fever “no degree of eminence ensured one against accusation.” Similarly, the child welfare system may defy reform as long as only the poor suffer. It may well be that the entanglement of increasing numbers of the more visible and vocal middle class (who can afford lawyers and private detectives) in the web of the system will finally bring a change, which could account for the rise of Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL) and other such organizations in the United States. Indeed, there are every day new organizations and Internet Discussion Lists popping up to oppose them. Figures show that early on, most victims of child abuse laws were, indeed, the poor. But they also show that more and more they include the middle class and even the rich. People who aren’t so easily intimidated by bureaucrats and many of whom have not only the will, but the money to cause these depredations to come to a stop (for themselves, at least).

HOW TO BEAT THEMI know it seems as if they have all the laws on their side, and it is fruitless to try to beat them. But that’s wrong. Whether or not they accept it, CPS workers are subject to the same Constitutional limitations as the rest of us. That’s why they rely on intimidation, lies, and conditioning to get around that. If they could really flout the Constitution, they’d just do it — without attempting to intimidate you into signing permission for them to do what they do. So let’s look at ways and means to force them to abide by the Constitutional limitations just as police must do in confronting a rapist or a murderer, simply by forearming you to resist their intimidation:

  1. Live an exemplary life: The first, and most important thing to do to keep CPS out of your life is very simple: don’t give them a real reason to accuse you of child abuse. Treat your children with dignity and fairness. If you use corporal punishment, don’t ever do it in anger, and certainly not in public. Under all circumstances, don’t overdo it. And for heaven’s sake don’t tell a social worker you use it because they think even something as innocuous as a swat on the bottom is child abuse. Instill good values in your children Then when they begin to grow up, allow them to make their own decisions in many cases where other parents would tighten down in an effort to keep them safe. At some point, you must let go, and it should be after teaching them, by example, the proper values — values that you use to guide your life, not those prejudicial values social workers insist upon foisting on their charges.
  2. Don’t ask the government, welfare department, or CPS for help: Even if you have to work somewhere for minimum wage. Whenever you make yourself dependent upon the government, the government extracts a price: your obedience to their increased control over what you may do, both with respect to yourself, but in this case more importantly, over what you may do with respect to your children. A Rainbow Coalition (Jesse Jackson) promotion recently pushed books that told you how to tap into just about every imaginable government “giveaway” program so Uncle Sam would give you food stamps, and even pay for your home. They’ve even come up with a program to have the government pay for two years of college. But when you look at these programs, you’ll soon see the price. When you sign up you’ll soon pay it. If you sign up for any of these programs, part of what you’re signing is to give them permission to come into your home and spy on you to see if you are abusing your children. A social worker on a mission can find child abuse anywhere under the subjective definitions in the law. Don’t let them in. Don’t sign up.
  3. Avoid Parents As Teachers (PAT) or its clones like the plague: Most states have programs like the PAT program (under the federal government’s Goals 2000 scam) that claim to screen potentially disadvantaged children so as to offer assistance to assure that they will have the same opportunity to succeed as their wealthier classmates (the old class envy con again). This may sound good, but if you examine it, you’ll find it’s just one more invasive device used by the looters in government to get you to sign up and give permission for them to snoop in your home, looking for evidence of child abuse. A home visitor, sometimes called a parent educator, but who may be called just about anything under the clone operations, comes to your home frequently, ostensibly to help the family apply for government assistance (the carrot) they may need. While there they tell them what kind of punishment is allowed to be used on the children (the stick). They also continuously inspect the home and the children’s environment for evidence of child abuse. And be assured, when they find something, like a dirty sock on the floor, or a scraped knee on your child, they’ll bring charges. That’s what they’re there for. They receive extensive training in how to “recognize possibilities” (their term for finding abuse) and ways to subtly question you and your defenseless children to learn things that are none of their business. They’re looking for child abuse. That’s their mission. And they mostly find it, even if they have to twist things to create it.Naturally, they insist (even though they can’t enforce it) that your children attend public schools, rather than private, so they can more easily monitor them. In some states, all participating children are listed in their computers as being at risk, which gives CPS workers ready access to them at all times. If they find your child to have behavior problems, (by their subjective definition) they’ll recommend medical and/or psychiatric treatment, and give you a list of CPS approved practitioners (the rope). Never choose from this list. They’re biased toward abuse. If you refuse to accept their recommendations, they can, and will, take your children from you and accuse you of child abuse. Let your attorney advise you. They discourage you from getting outside opinions or consulting an attorney (which is why you should be sure to do so). Don’t allow them in your home.

RISK FACTORSSome of the “risk factors” they use to snag their victims are these:

  • Illness or handicapping condition at birth: (subjective) they define it;
  • Signs of “failure to thrive”: (this is the catch-all under which they rope in most of their victims);
  • Delay in any area of development: (very subjective);
  • Parent’s inability to cope with a child’s inappropriate behavior: (subjective again: what is inappropriate and what constitutes inability to cope?);
  • Low functioning parent, due to limited ability or illness: (blindness and/or deafness has been used);
  • Parent’s inability to connect with, or relate to the child: (subjective: what is relating?);
  • Overindulgence: spoiling the child (this is abuse?) and underindulgence: not giving the child enough love: (again subjective: what is enough love?);
  • Low level of verbal response with the child: (what does this mean?);
  • Negative or hostile behavior toward child: (well, some of them should be real);
  • Undue stress that adversely affects family functioning: (subjective: what is undue stress and what constitutes adversely affecting family functioning? For that matter, what is family functioning? Who gets to define these terms?);
  • Indication of child abuse: ( Subjective: what is the definition of that? Who defines it?);
  • Other: (leaving open the definition for a multitude of CPS sins).

Don’t let them intimidate you into participating in this scam. There is no law (yet) forcing you to do so, no matter what they tell you. In fact, you ought to become active in exposing this scam to as many people as possible.

If you wish to teach your children yourself (home schooling is still legal, although it does make you a target), you should contact the Home School Legal Defense Association, Box 159, Paeonian Springs, VA 22129. They can help a lot in both preparing you for resistance, and in defending you if CPS tries to go after you. The looters hate home schooling because it takes children out of the public schools, which they control, and returns that control to their parents. Control of the child and what they are allowed to teach them is the purpose oF the entire charade of “protecting the children.”

SYMPTOMS OF CHILD ABUSEThere are any number of “symptoms of child abuse,” and most of them are, as expected, subjective, leaving the power to decide what is child abuse in the uncontrolled hands of the worker. Each state has a different list that includes most of the ones I will list here, although some don’t use some of them, and others have some I’ve not listed:

  • Chronically unkempt appearance — or overly neat appearance: (As usual, you can’t win with these people. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t);
  • Child is too loud or talkative — or is too shy: (Same comment as above);
  • Low self-esteem — or agressive behavior: (Do you see a pattern developing here? You just can’t win);
  • Reluctance to participate in sports: (I didn’t participate in sports when I was a child because I was bored by them. Still am. How does that make me abused?);
  • Any fractures, burns, bruises, cuts, welts, or bite marks: (Never mind that growing up is a dangerous thing to do. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a child who didn’t naturally collect all of the above in his or her natural playtime without help from adults. But this is still used as an “unerring symptom” that child abuse is present);
  • Sexual knowledge or acting out above child’s maturity level: (Makes you wonder when they exhibit increased sexual knowledge and act above their maturity level after being questioned for months, even years, by CPS, or even during a CPS school strip session, doesn’t it? Again I ask: Just who is abusing these children? It’s interesting to note that I learned most of what I knew at that time about sex in school, and it wasn’t from the teachers. So why does it have to be a symptom of child abuse, all by itself?);
  • Pain or itching, bleeding or bruises in or around genitals: (This is something that should always be checked out because it could really be a symptom of child abuse. But CPS workers routinely assume abuse when such things are present, without considering the fact that there are many clinical conditions that can also create them);
  • Constant hunger or fatigue: (Which could be abuse, or it may be an economic or medical problem caused by poverty. Since the vast majority of their victims are in poverty, it’s not surprising they see a lot of this);
  • Lack of supervision: (This one is real. If young children are found to be left alone for long periods, something should definitely be done, although not necessarily immediate removal of the children. Unfortunately, CPS officials will come down on you like a ton of bricks at the slightest suggestion of this, and without waiting for proof. And never leave your children alone in a car, even for a few seconds. This is one of their favorite reasons for snatching your children);
  • Delayed physical, emotional, or intellectual behavior: (Again, this is a very subjective judgement. All children don’t develop on the same schedule, and there are often clinical reasons for them to suffer from delayed development. This should be investigated, but is not necessarily an indication that the children are in immediate danger, nor is it a reason for immediate removal from the home. Unfortunately, CPS uses it that way);
  • Chronic lateness on the part of the parent: (This one is a bit much. What is chronic? One time? Two? Who defines chronic?);
  • Chronic health problems, failure to promptly repair broken or outdated glasses, failure to promptly meet the dental needs of the child: (Again, a problem of economics in many cases, not of abuse. When abuse is actually proven, action should definitely be taken. But what action? CPS is usually too quick to take punitive action without looking at the economics of the situation);
  • Illness or death of a parent: Their claim here is that the surviving parent may become physically or sexually abusive as a result of the stress. What they routinely ignore is that most often it doesn’t happen. This is punishing people for what MIGHT happen);
  • Family keeps to itself and doesn’t participate in the community: (Oh, please! Wanting to keep to yourself now constitutes child abuse? Guess I’ve been an abuser all my life then, because I’m that way. But none of my children were ever abused. Furthermore, I’ve never even been suspected of abuse, even though I lost two children to CPS thirty years or so ago after they failed to convict my former wife of abuse. This particular symptom is not only subjective, it is stupid, and it’s beyond belief that someone should actually take it seriously. All it represents is society’s way to penalize people for not doing it their way.);
  • Presence of a stepfather: (Again, I was a stepfather to many children, and not one of them was ever abused. By the way: what’s the difference between a stepfather and a foster father, anyway?)
  • An untidy house: (Many people aren’t good housekeepers. Naturally, an extreme case of lousy housekeeping, resulting in a health hazard, should be investigated. But again, CPS uses such a minor thing as a sock on the floor or some dishes in the sink in an otherwise generally clean and neat home to trigger their abuse charges);
  • Pulling a child out of school to teach them at home: (Home schooling is still legal in this country, and may be the only way left to keep your kids from being taught values in direct opposition to those you live by, and which you want to teach to your children. But they want all children to go to public school so they can monitor them, and at the same time condition them. So home schooling is, to them, without any basis in legality, a symptom of child abuse);
  • Sleeping in a parent’s bed: (CPS workers are probably the most filthy-minded people in the word because they use any instance of a child sleeping in a parent’s bed as evidence of sexual abuse. Never mind that children often ask to sleep with parents after a nightmare, and no sexual intent is even thought of by the parent, just by CPS.)

WHEN THEY COME AFTER YOUWhen the Child Protective Service comes to your door, take it seriously. Never think that it can’t happen to you because you’re a good parent. It can, and has happened to millions of good parents. Being a good parent is an aberration to a CPS agent. They’re taught that all parents are “potential” child abusers and that if any of the symptoms are present, it’s better to “err on the side of caution” and take the children. They’re also taught to do anything, say anything, lie, con, and swindle to get into the house to question the children and the parents.

  1. Be polite, even if you’re incensed: Their insufferable, insidious, condescending attitude will make you angry. It is designed to do so to allow them to write in their report: “Subject exhibits latent violence and is uncooperative.” Strike one. That’s part of the scam.
  2. Don’t allow them into your home without a proper warrant: They will lie, intimidate, and attempt to con their way into your home, but don’t allow it. Unless they have a properly issued warrant, signed by a judge, based on sworn testimony by a named person, they have no right to enter your home — unless they can pony up a possible danger to the child. Be polite while refusing entry. There’s nothing a CPS worker likes more than for you to show anger and, especially, curse them. They are usually accompanied by policemen, some of whom will push their way in. If this happens, you may sue each person involved personally (police officers and all authority figures are personally liable for damages when they exceed their lawful authority and exceeding their authority is not protected by the Good Samaritan laws) not for charging you, but for forcing their way in. Don’t get beat up trying top stop them in this case. Sue them later. You can probably use the money.Remember, case law has held that if you invite them into your home, you give up your right to be safe from search and seizure. Don’t let them in! Make them force it.
  3. Don’t sign anything: They will try to get you to sign papers, “just to get this sorted out, don’tcha know,” but don’t fall into their trap. The only reason for you to have to sign anything is for you to sign away your rights. Politely refuse to sign anything until your attorney has seen it and advises you to do so. And suspect your attorney’s advice if CPS recommended him.
  4. Don’t answer any questions without (your) lawyer being present: CPS workers will take this as an indication of guilt, but that’s OK. They twist everything you do or say into an indication of guilt in their minds. But if you allow them to ask you questions without a lawyer present, you’ve given up your right to remain silent.
  5. Do allow them to see the children through the window to assure them they’re OK: To reduce the possibility that they’ll testify that you kept them from seeing the children because they were abused, bring the children to a front window and let them see them.
  6. Do take the children to your own doctor as soon as possible: The next thing to do is take the children to your own doctor and have them examined to show that no abuse, sexual or otherwise, has occurred. Then have the doctor write a report on his findings and give a copy of it to CPS. If they have decided to charge you anyway, they will reject it and insist on their own examination, which, once they have taken the children they may do, and you can’t stop it. But your original doctor’s examination can be an effective counterpoint if their doctor says abuse has occurred, which they often do. They know who pays them for the right finding.
  7. Don’t believe anything they tell you: CPS workers are trained in all the best ways to con and scam you into doing what they want you to do. They’re experts at it. Their training spends a lot more time on this than it does on what actually constitutes child abuse. They’re subjected to months, even years of conditioning and brainwashing themselves, disguised as training. Many are not even aware they’re running a con on you. They think what they do is necessary to get child abusers off the street. Many are good people who really do care about the welfare of the children. It is the people in charge who have the ulterior motive to take complete control over your children for their nefarious purposes. But the result is the same. They lie.
  8. Don’t allow unsupervised interviews with the children: Unsupervised interviews with your children are little more than conditioning sessions where CPS workers and their captive counselors use questioning methods that would not be allowed to be used against a murderer, much less against a frightened and impressionable child. Your children just aren’t prepared to withstand such leading questioning, which is designed to get something on you. They con them into believing that you’re already in big trouble, and you can be saved if the children will just say you did something so they can go home. After children have been taken, there’s nothing you can do to stop these unsupervised interviews that will take place over a period of months, even years, until your children may finally break down and tell them what they want to hear, just to make it stop. But if you stop them from doing it in the beginning, there is a chance that charges will never be filed and they will not be taken from you.
  9. Don’t allow them to physically examine the child without your presence, or your lawyer’s presence: Never allow them uncontrolled access to your children as long as they are in your custody. If a court orders a physical examination (while you still have custody), insist on either being present yourself, or have your attorney present to protect your, and your children’s interests (they won’t be able to put their finger into your child’s vagina to illustrate what they want her to say). In addition, you should try to videotape all sessions or get a court order forcing them to do so, with copies to be available to you.
  10. Don’t allow them to come to your home later for an interview: Allowing them to enter later also forfeits your right to be safe from search and seizure. And you can be sure that a sharp-eyed CPS worker will be able to find something they can twist to incriminate you. If interviews are required, insist that they be at the CPS office, or better still, at your attorney’s office (that way they can’t just take them while you’re there).
  11. Tape record all conversations with CPS workers and others involved: To keep an accurate record of events, plus to have proof of any threats made by CPS workers or counselors, always tape record all conversations with them, either in person or by phone (there’s an inexpensive attachment for your phone available at any electronics store, or Radio Shack). Some states restrict your right to tape conversations, so check your state laws. In states that allow secret taping if one of the parties to the tape knows, you can either let them know they’re being taped, or not, at your wish. But in states where notification is required, you should place the tape recorder in full view in personal interviews, and make it a point to advise them they’re being taped at the beginning of every phone call. In this day and age, where there’s almost a videotape camera in every home, videotapes of proceedings can also help. Make a record. Then they can’t deny their violation of your rights (Personally, I would make sure they knew they were being taped, even if the law doesn’t require it).
  12. Keep a journal: The same applies to keeping a journal. If you keep a detailed chronological (day-to-day) journal of events, showing dates, times, quotes, reference to audiotapes and videotapes, etc., they won’t be able to get away with lying when they say they notified you of a hearing when they didn’t (one of their favorite ploys, and the one that beat me 30 years ago). The very existence of such a journal (and you should definitely let them know you’re keeping it) will tend to keep them somewhat more honest, or at least make it more difficult for them to scam you.
  13. Never accept a plea bargain if you’re innocent: One of their basic patterns is to pile charge upon charge, knowing they can’t make most of them stick, including the ones they hope will stick, so they can tell you all about all the long years you will spend in prison if you don’t accept the plea bargain they’re offering you. You’re sitting there facing maybe 50 years in prison and they’re offering you little or no time if you just confess. It’s a tired old con, people. If they had any kind of a strong case, you’d never see them until it was court time. I don’t care how good their plea bargain sounds, if you’re innocent, don’t fall for it. That’s how they get most of the convictions they do get of innocent people. They make it look as bad as possible, then get you to plead guilty, which involves an admission of guilt. or plead no contest, which allows them to still treat you as guilty.
  14. Hire a private investigator if you can afford it: I know that most of the people they go after are the poor. They’re easier targets. But one of the factors they forget as they move up the ladder and start charging more and more middle-class people is that these people aren’t nearly as likely to buy their con. They are much more resistant to being intimidated because they aren’t government wards. And they have more money for such things as lawyers and private investigators. If you do, by all means hire one to investigate everybody involved, especially the worker, the counselors (especially the counselors), the guardian ad litem, the foster parents who have your child, etc. You’ll be surprised how much evidence of naked bias you’ll find in such an investigation. It’s legal, and it’s your right. If you find something, by all means use it.
  15. Don’t willingly surrender the children: Don’t ever willingly surrender the children, as the ex-wife of one person I have personal experience with did, right after she took them from her husband (at their school), who had custody. To do so gives them the whip hand. Anything you can do to keep the children out of their hands stops them from being able to hold them for ransom.
  16. Don’t do anything that puts you under the control of CPS: Don’t willingly move out of the home on CPS demand, or do anything that puts the family under CPS control (see don’t sign anything, above). When they get control, they go wild.
  17. Get in contact with the closest Victims of Child Abuse Laws (VOCAL) office: VOCAL is now in most states, and can help you in many ways, from support groups and lists of lawyers who have experience in fighting these people, to information you won’t find elsewhere to help you keep them at bay.
  18. Fight them, tooth and nail: Don’t ever give up. One of my favorite pictures is of a heron who is trying to swallow a frog head-first while the frog has his “hands” firmly around the heron’s throat. That, for me, is the picture I want to convey to you. Don’t ever give up your quest to keep, or regain your children from these vicious and evil people who have a demonstrated anti-family bias. True, many CPS workers are honestly trying to do the best they can for the children, and there is still a lot of child abuse for them to work on. But their incessant pursuit of demonstrably innocent families takes money and manpower away from their ability to pursue real child abusers.Over recent years, they’ve been actively advertising for child abuse reports and, predictably, the number of reports they receive has increased many-fold. But the problem here is that up to 80% of the reports (by their own figures) they receive today are unsubstantiated, and of the about 20% of substantiated reports they get, only a very small number require immediate intervention. These are the ones they should be spending their time on, but they can’t pick them out of the millions of false reports and it’s taking all the money and manpower they have, just to keep up with new false reports.So the real abused children suffer while their champions look elsewhere.

RACINE – He was in charge of investigating cases for child protective services in Racine County, but Todd O’Brien has been accused of falsifying documents that could have put hundreds of children at risk.

O'Brien pleaded not guilty in a Racine County courtroom to six charges of falsifying documents.
His former employer, the Racine County Human Services Department, is in the middle of reviewing his entire case load.
The trust O'Brien allegedly fabricated may take years to repair.
"This is a combination of a white collar matter and a typical criminal investigation," said District Attorney Michael Nieskes.
O'Brien, who is 37 and from Franklin, was in charge of investigating child abuse and neglect cases. 
But instead of investigating, he allegedly marked the cases as "unsubstantiated."
He has since been fired, and Racine County Human Services is reviewing about 250 of O'Brien's cases.
Neither O'Brien nor the people he was with in court would talk to us.
Officials with Human Services would not comment about the internal investigation or what specifically they're doing to make sure this doesn't happen again, but they say they're taking this situation very seriously.

So are prosecutors.
"Our fear is that someone will continue to be victimized or was victimized further," said Nieskes.
O'Brien is scheduled to return to court next month.

Dcf Caseworker Pleads Guilty
September 21, 2002
BARTOW — A Department of Children & Families caseworker fired after the death of a toddler pleaded guilty Friday to falsifying records in the case. Erica Jones was sentenced to three years’ probation and is prohibited from working in any field involving children or the elderly. Jones had been assigned to investigate allegations that 2-year-old Alfredo Montez was being abused. She was arrested and fired after falsifying paperwork saying she had visited Alfredo on July 1, the day he was slain.

Former case worker accused of falsifying child-welfare records
By Gary Taylor, Orlando Sentinel | March 15, 2010
A former employee of a company that contracted with the state Department of Children and Families faces charges that he falsified records, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said today. Damion Hall, 29, of Port Orange, was arrested Sunday, accused of five counts of falsification of records and four counts of forgery, the FDLE said. Hall previously worked as a case manager for Community Partnership for Children, a community agency under contract with DCF, officials said.

Altering Records Could Be A Felony
By Karla Schuster, Florida Correspondent | May 4, 2002
TALLAHASSEE — State lawmakers moved quickly to stiffen criminal penalties for falsifying records in child-welfare cases Friday, as the governor ordered Florida’s top child-welfare official to Miami to aid in the investigation of a missing girl whose disappearance went undetected for more than a year. In a unanimous vote, the House passed a bill that would make it a felony for any state worker or private contractor hired by the state to alter, destroy or falsify records in a child-welfare or elder-abuse case.

Dcf Caseworker Pleads Guilty
September 21, 2002
BARTOW — A Department of Children & Families caseworker fired after the death of a toddler pleaded guilty Friday to falsifying records in the case. Erica Jones was sentenced to three years’ probation and is prohibited from working in any field involving children or the elderly. Jones had been assigned to investigate allegations that 2-year-old Alfredo Montez was being abused. She was arrested and fired after falsifying paperwork saying she had visited Alfredo on July 1, the day he was slain.
Records About Kids May Grow Safer
By Karla Schuster and Mark Hollis, Tallahassee Bureau | May 8, 2002
TALLAHASSEE — A Senate panel Tuesday endorsed a plan to stiffen the penalty for falsifying records in child-welfare cases, promising the new law would cover all state workers, including top administrators who order or condone altering documents. Spurred by the case of a Miami girl in foster care whose disappearance went undetected by the state for 15 months, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee unanimously approved a bill making it a felony to alter or destroy records related to anyone in state custody, from children to the elderly.

Dcf Investigator Arrested
December 9, 2004
PENSACOLA — Children may have suffered abuse because a former state child-protective investigator allegedly failed to check out complaints and then falsified reports and destroyed records to cover her tracks, a prosecutor said Wednesday. No deaths or serious physical injuries, however, have been confirmed so far in connection with 80 criminal charges against Allison Harris, said Assistant State Attorney Russell Edgar. Harris, 33, was being held at the Escambia County Jail with bail set at $10,000 after her arrest earlier Wednesday on eight counts of child neglect, 18 of official misconduct and 54 of falsifying public records

Part 3


I chose this point to emphasize and repeat last, because it’s one of the most important. The so-called Good Samaritan laws may prevent you from suing either the CPS worker or others involved in your nightmare for creating the nightmare. But you can sue them for demonstrably violating your Constitutional rights. If a cop forces his way into your home in a fit of misplaced zeal, he can be sued personally for damages. A little-known fact is that a police officer or other person in authority is personally liable for damages if he or she has violated your Constitutional rights. If a CPS worker ponies-up a case by stretching some minor problem into an excuse to take your children, often you can sue them in courts they don’t control and get damages if the court doesn’t agree with the worker’s subjective judgement of what constitutes abuse. Some policemen, and most bureaucrats think that the end justifies the means. If they think you’re an abuser, they’re already mad at you. So don’t give them an excuse to beat up on you. But if they do violate your rights, by all means, sue them. Take them for all you can get. You’re going to need it to pay all the unnecessary expenses they’ve caused you.

This information is not legal advice. It is the best advice given by someone who was one of the child protector racket’s early victims, as well as having a son who was one of the more recent ones. A person who has studied the child protectors for many years and has noticed certain “patterns” in what they do in their scams and schemes. This report will be updated from time to time when I see new patterns. Read this manual, take it to heart, then ask your lawyer if you have any questions.


  1. I really need some advise I’m a 22 yr old young mother of 2 wonderful toddlers I currently have a cos case with my 2yr old son we had got pulled over i had a bench warrant for not appearing in court so I got arrested as well as my kids father we were 3hours away from our home and my son was in thee car and noone could come get him so they took him to a recieving home and cps created a case against me they are saying are filing neglect because he was behind on shots and prior to this someone had called anonomysly on me but a case was never made. As of right now my case just got transfered to the county I reside in because I could not make it to the court date in the county that it happened in so the judge took jurisdiction I just went to court in my residing county and now everything is going even more downhill my daughter who wasn’t in the car or involved at all I had left in the county I resided in with my mother a day before getting arrested so the original county that started the case didn’t involve her I still had her in my custody but now since my case is transfered to my county there trying to involve her and the judge said she is to stay with my son at my grandmothers until the next court date and if I left with her cps would be able to file juridicial findings . The judge pushed the court date out 3 days because they havnt established residency for me so the social worker who was very rude to me and my grandmother said she had to meet me at my residence to verify where I’m staying if not the case would go back to the originating county. I am not sure on what to do because before the case was transfered I was able to have my daughter with me I just feel as though I’m being taken advantage of because I’m so young and I don’t know my rights they have already lied to me several times so should I not establish residency and just let the case go back to the county that had started the case?


  2. I would like some help. My four year old was taken from me and no one has hurt him my child is being abused in the foster home . i reported it and no one will help him. My lawyer wants me to lie and falsly accuse people. anyone plesse help .


  3. I am figting a cps case in florida. I was faulsly accused of abuse due to my son bumping his head ( was ony a tinny pink mark ) the woman who took him had no warnt, no name tag and no paer work with her when she stole my child running out the door with him (litteraly) its been 5 months now and i had signed up for a trial in the begging of my case but also signed papers stating i wanted to do a case plan. My son has been in 3 foster care homes in the past 5 months and has only been present to 4 out of severail vists, we are to get visits once a week at least an hr if not more derations. DCF even after being court ordered to start me on a case plan has not done so. My trial date is coming up in a few weeks i was told if i make it to trial and win i could bring my son home with me. But if my child who is only 11 months old fails to appear itll be under the judges jurisictions and i will not beable to bring him home with me to ohio the state im in now because i found a house to bring him home to. I still have not missed any visits and am flying back to florida for the trial. Why if im proven innocent and win would i beable to take him home if he shows but not if he dosent?


  4. Phoenix, AZ CPS kidnapped my bi-racial granddaughter from her black mom whom is unwed from the white boyfriend whom lied on cps message hotline to get back the child whom family court judge COURT ORDERED him to return AFTER he forced kidnapped child when he came out of a 3 year child abandonment and did not tell cps hotline about his child kidnapping and his lied voice message stated that the mother wants to kill her child and self and mother has an undiagnosed mental disease and that caused the mother to take the AZ STATE Mental test which she PASS and cps left that out of their report to say the child’s safety at risk due to the mother’s mental status and now the child has been kidnapped the second time but by cps and cps got the child back and gave child to the ex-boyfriend thru the good judge whom turned crooked after being smooth-over from a corrupted Judge whom worked with cps of past . Now I’m attempting to go to the Federal Appellant Court for change-of-custody with the report document that cps withheld from their report and all the former family court judges refused to acknowledge the proof document against cps that has been on court docket BUT BEING IGNORED since child were age 2 to now age 8—-CPS GOT AWAY WITH CHILD KIDNAPPING AND FAMILY COURT JUDGES ALLOED IT BY LOOKING AT THE FACT-FINDING EVIDENCE AGAINST CPS WITH A BLIND EYE AND MY GRANDDAUGHTER NOW HAS P.T.S.D. FROM BEING WITH THE BAD EX-boyfriend/Father.
    RACE/DISCRIMINATION DID HAD A PART for we went to AZ Sheriff peoples requesting an investigation when the matter was fresh AFTER cps stolen child and they said, NOTHING THEY CAN DO, TAKE THE MATTER TO COURT and even AZ attorney general office refused to investigate and said the same thing the AZ sheriff folks said AND in 2012 or 2013, a similar incident happen in phx., AZ AND THE White single-parent Mother went to the same LAW authority folks and they investigated Phx., AZ CPS false claim(kidnapped) for her child to give to the bad father and that mother got back her child within the same month of her request and AZ Channel 10 News covered the story and the story got published in the AZ Republic Newspaper and I called the AZ Channel newsroom AFTER I READ THE STORY IN THE NEWSPAPER and a White female reporter stated she remembered the story and I stated that a similar incident happen in January 2010 BUT with a BLACK single-parent Mother, I heard a hung-up click on the reporter’s phone line and I called back immediately and she put a voice-mail on and I left the message to say; THE LAW SHOULD NOT BE FOR A SELECTIVE RACE OF WHITE FOLKS TO BENEFIT, IT SHOULD BE FOR ALL RACE TO BENEFIT AND I AM A ARMY VETERAN, THE CHILD’S MOTHR FATHER DIED IN VIET NAM FOR THIS COUNTRY AND HER BROTHER DID 3 TOURS IN IRAQ FOR THIS COUNTRY AND WE AS A BLACK RACE ARE BEING DIENIED TO BENEFIT ARIZONA LAW, IT SHOWS THAT RACISM AND RACE DISCRIMINATION IS ALIVE AND WELL IN PHOENIZ, AZ BUT WITHIN THE WHITE AUTHORITY SYSTEM.


    • not to be a stick in the mud but Ive been involved over here in Arizona long enough, since they did that to my family, and im white. I’m mixed, but they consider me to be white. I can also tell you it has nothing to do with race, if anything they are more likely to go after you if your white or your children are mixed or have blond hair or below a certain age, with that sort of crap.

      Just thought I would correct your notion its racism. Don’t get me wrong, some workers are they they refused to acknowledge that my son was ‘native enough’ to fit the acts protecting native Americans and meaning they needed to notify a tribe etc etc etc… im native too but not native enough, mostly Scottish. They weren’t aware I was native or even that I am mixed with some jew(the blood not the religion-i hate having to explain that if it comes up and im only bringing it up because your making this shit more relevant than it is).

      I however was discriminated against because I have ptsd. They treat any diagnosis like its some big bad boogieman and they gave me crap at many points in my case in regards to my religion as well. My son touched me pentacle and if looks could kill… then apparently im only my religion because im some crazy psyco and it can’t possibly be valid so its proof of ‘magical thinking’ and suddenly validates everything? I mean come on… if im crazy what do you call people who rip up families claiming they can predict the future?! I lost my kids over things they said I MIGHT do not things I actually did or ever would do!

      While their is plenty of discrimination that does go on, Ive never witnessed what your talking about. I have however witnessed many people make things that aren’t that, into that.

      If its not racially motivated its got nothing to do with it hun, they are assholes to everyone and sometimes they even go after people who work for their affiliated companies from time to time if they feel they have a child they want. I’ve seen that happen but ive never seen anyone targeted because they are black. I’ve seen families left alone to avoid the race card being played but its not something Ive seen personally, everything you describe happens to well, just about everyone in this goddamn state. Hate to say it hun but its not just you so please don’t dilute the issue at hand by making it about the pigmentation of someones skin. If people are in an area long enough, for enough generations that changes anyway. The only reason people have different shades of skin is because of the conditions, the parts of the world, the amount of sun, the foods they ate and what was available to eat etc etc etc… that part is nothing more and nothing less and I hate when people look for racism where it doesn’t exist.

      If anything I have seen racism towards Mexicans but Ive seen as much favoritism as well, depending on who is doing it. A bit problem here is accountability, the lack of it. Also how comfortable people are.

      How about instead of making this about race you just try to imagine that this isn’t you, not about you, not about the pigment of your skin. Its about some asshole having decided your kids are adoptable so they get to pad their numbers for their bonuses(i know enough to know not all states to it but here, its not just the foster parents who get money its the workers themselves, they get bonuses based on cases opened, cases closed, and cases that end in severance/adoption, sometimes the department will occasionally go after children they have already filed as adopted out before it finalizes so they can then claim it failed but still have the funds then ‘try again next year’ and get more money by basically continually victimizing the children and traumatizing them). I speak both as a victimized parent and a kid subjected to this hell.

      Trust me when I say this, if anything they are more likely to bother you if your white because the kids have features that are more ‘in demand’. The irony is I’ve never seen them bother anyone who can be considered ‘Asian’ in this state. It is like they form this ‘not gonna touch this’ mind set about it. Ive seen them only go after a black family to make sure they aren’t accused of avoiding them, because yes, they have been accused of it, despite the fact that it is true.

      Now, im not saying it doesn’t happen, the workers tend to not be held accountable and generally get to make up their own rules in practice because they aren’t held accountable for it and the ‘department’ covers their ass to save face. At most Ive seen them get transferred or fired then re hired when the spotlight is off of them again, sometimes in the same district or state, sometimes in another altogether. They don’t face jail when they commit purgery, even when they are caught and obviously doing so, even so far as changing their stories on the stand.

      A lot of shit happens in this state let me assure you. Their is no level of fucked up these people have not attained. However, its not because your black. Its because they are evil soulless beings putting on a mask and parading around as if they are saints, as if they aren’t evil but rather good and anyone who says otherwise is evil, during my entire case I was told to shut up about what happened when I was a child, because I had been quite vocal about it, i was told by a couple of people ‘that is what we want, for you to stop talking about it’, but I wasn’t talking about it, i was writing about it online… so you know… these people are the true spawn of evil who live off of the pain and suffering of our families, no matter how they dress it up. Just saying.

      And to be clear, I was one of those kids who had shit shoved up my vagina because they claimed that having skin tags was some sexually transmitted disease etc etc etc, i was six and it was terrifying. And that was after multiple instances of being locked in a room and told ‘when you tell me the truth you can go home’… my little brother was locked in a room and they wouldn’t let him have a drink until he just gave in. He was five, he kept that up for several hours but he was just a little kid. They told him he could go home but their was all sorts of not right about it but they also wouldn’t let a five year old little boy have a drink, they told me he had already told them ‘the truth’ and I should ‘fess up’ to what ‘really happened’. I wasn’t questioned asking me what happened, I was asked IF things happened, like the above article says. Yes, that was in Arizona. My little brother says their was no issues in foster care but he’s always been like that, even if their was something he’d say their wasn’t just so he wouldn’t have to talk about it. They are the reason he is like that to the extent that he is though, its like the guy has a phobia of talking about it. Any of it. What little we have talked about in that past… well its kinda heavy stuff. I can understand why he has so much trouble with it, I’ve had many years of therapy and was never allowed to keep it to myself. after mom got us out, she died. he went with our aunt but i went with grandmother, she wasn’t such a nice person. our godmother was ignored, it was all official too. she was attacked because of her religion and we were physically kidnapped from her right before the fire, the fire no one was ever convicted for. That wasn’t cps though, my grandmother was a whole other set of evil. She was the one who set them upon my mom to begin with mind you. My mom was a wonderful, loving, warm and caring person. She was kind to people even when others weren’t looking, not something you see a lot of in this world, just saying.

      You can be the best person in the world and this shit can still happen to you. You can be white, black, mexican, mixed, doesn’t matter. Their favorites however are the parents of young children, the single parents, and the people who are considered as having low incomes. Those who cannot afford to pay someone to care. In this state its hard to even pay someone to care so even those who can afford their own lawyer get screwed the same way sometimes. However my court appointee openly admitted to having lunch with the social worker and talked to her on a regular basis, just not to me. when she did though all she would say when I showed her something etc etc etc, was ‘that isn’t what cps is saying’ ‘that isn’t what the worker is saying’ and she said it like i was lying because they said otherwise. They were her fucking friends. Their is a gross conflict of interests among these people.

      So please for the love of all that is holy drop the ‘its because im black’ crap and open your eyes. It happens, they are cruel to everyone they think they can get away with being cruel to. They are crappy human beings, soulless creatures with no hearts to speak of and they hold the power and they know it, so much crap was done to my family during that time, things that went on the paper, things that didn’t.

      Here is what you need to know. It isn’t because your black. They are generally just scumbags whose only moral compass consists of greed and power. If they think they can, they will. They don’t ask if they should, they just do it.



  5. I had won a case against the school in court for Attendance because of one of my daughters. She wets the bed every night so usually I had to wake her up, tell her to shower and she’s hard to wake up in the morning. But the councelor from school sent me to court because the immediately tought it was because of abuse. I won the case DCF had to close the case 6 months after. Not even a month an a half after it closes I get a call from the same councelor saying that the same daughter had told her that my boyfriend supposably pushed her and thats why she has a bruise on her knee. All of this have its unfair and not true. But the councelor told me that she knows I wasn’t social and I didnt like anyone in my home. But she really had to call DCF because she was concerned. I told her I was scared because I believed everything to be a lie. My boyfriend has done everything for them and never had touched them. He met me while i was pregnant and accepted them like his own. They love him. Anyway, they was here no more than an hour after that. And the investigator made me sign a paper which i think was the service plan that he wrote down on ink. One of the things that the paper said was that i was supposed to go to counceling domestic violence or something like that and i wasnt supposed to hit or in any way abuse the kids. But i told the investigator but ive never done any of that and how come I would have to go to counseling. My biggest mistake was that I had told the school counselor that my daughters dad abused me and my daughter throws stuff at me whenever she gets mad and now I have somebody that doesn’t, somebody that does everything for them, cares for them, somebody that accepted me with my kids and got ingaged to me. How was i supposed to give them a better life if i was always going to be targeted by DCF???. Well, after the investigator had that paper he said that if I didn’t sign it he would have to remove the kids. So, I signed it! What mother wants their kids taken away? And not to mention they went to their school and talked to my daughter again and If I knew I would of never signed the paper. But that investigator told me they was going to follow me so I wouldn’t come in contact with my boyfriend until the investigation was over he couldn’t come back. Then when he got to talk to my boyfriend he told him that he was gonna go to the the office of Housing to talk to see if they saw him around. Then when he called the investigator to see if he could come back the investigator laught a little on the phone and told him “yeah, i can’t prevent you from coming back to the home”. So, our question is this? All he did was to intimidate me so I would sign the paper? When he went to Housing a week later I get a paper for a meeting telling me that I had my boyfriend here and a bunch of lies that I desterved the peace and all of that. When i went to the meeting which I decided to take my mother as a witness because I had already seen that was on the paper was only lies to make me look bad as a bad tenant and justify why to evict me. I also decided to record the meeting without the manager knowing and I have her on recording saying that she knew my boyfriend was there but they decided to look the other way and let it be. Not to mention that I also never admitted to my boyfriend living with me. He gave all of his info yrs before and she also says in the recording that she didnt need to check anything because he was getting letters at my address. Why now supposably she decides to terminate my lease when DCF goes to her office??? They teamed up against me! Do you have an idea of what I can do? Please help me, I have no family its just us and my kids. Plz plz


  6. Are my rights being violated?…my 2year grandson was taken by CPS. Cops lied to CPS worker…after making arrangements with me , the grandmother , i was the only caregiver. I was on my way to get my grandson..cop knew this…its been nearly a yr and still fighting to get him…excuses one after the other..they have made lil effort to place him with family. And now the foster mom wants to adopt!…please help me…this was suppose to start next month!


  7. Good Evening,
    My name is Shayla Howard and I’m going through an illegal process with DCF and court system. I’m an innocent mother of 5 beautiful and intelligent children whose been falsely accused of neglect and abuse of my babies; I’m a survivor of domestic violence but i had lack of help from the police department and the hospital because they didn’t protect from my abuser when I tried to reach out for help. Please help me and my children get the justice we need; GOD bless 😊


  8. Please anyone help my babies to come home.. CPS stolen my babies because of no electricity. They been gone for 6weeks. We have only seen them 4 times. . We are missing them so much and cannot imagine what their going through. Our babies have never been away from us. CPS worker don’t help. Our lawyer useless and judge very pointless.. they make up lies after lies.. don’t punish the poor.. Please anyone help.. my email is phone number is 8135349326. Cindy skon mother of Brandon, Alex and abbygail6. .


  9. If anyone could send me any info or contact information to those in Bakersfield CA area whom will immediately help advocate and support in my Cps case of my 3 girls ages 6, 4, and 1yrs old . I need immediate assistance . march 6 2015 I asked for temporary placement of my girls so that me and there father could get councling and other such services in order to prevent any undue cause for removal of my kids for good cause another words before it was necsecary I thought I was doing g right by my kids trying to prevent and protect my family from being torn apart because I let situations get out of hand so I call before anything got to much to handle sought out help from Cps . but after I did they tryed to say I just gave away my kids saying I didn’t want them and refused to care for them which is Not true at all in no way shape or form I love my kids with all my soul they are my whole world . I have been to court several times but still haven’t heard the jurdital / disposition hearing just keeps getting continued also I have no criminal record just a minor traffic ticket I stay out of trouble I enrolled myself in councling I have showed all my visits and court hearings yet they still haven’t presented any sustantiaded evedince all they have is hear say curcumstancal and using my child hood records from when I was in foster care like me being molested by my dad ect.. Which I thought those records weren’t suppost to be opened since I am an adult now 26yrs . they are trying to adopt my kids out at all cost how can the judge allow this without due cause and reasonable circumstances ? I belive this is because I had gave 3kids up for adoption at birth prior to the ones I have now but I did that on my own accord not due to Cps involvement . I wasn’t ready to parent I was so young and I chose to give them a better chance at life rather then abort them or such things . I don’t have a good support system no family or anything this is why I thought asking for there help for a momentary time was the right thing to do . but I was sorely mistaken plz if there’s any numbers local to me whom u believed would diligently review my case and provide court support or anything else to keep my family together send me email or text at 661 525 2724


    • Corey, I found these guys under this comment:
      January 2, 2014 at 5:43 pm

      These people fight CPS and APS all over the nation. I know they will be in SanDiego Cal around Jan 14 2014. They are currently helping a 80 year old man who’s wife has dementia and was taken from him. The are investigative reporters and are highly in demand. They even help a person or family retain expensive lawyers who are not afraid of battling CPS and APS. I know of at least 4 cases they were successful on. Am sure they would help yo . They win. Of you want to call them here is their phone number: 406-623-0205. Actually they will help anyone who needs it.

      So we called them in desperation and had now where else to turn. The Court, Lawyers, and legal system were literally burying us under a mountain of lies. I don’t know what these people did, but after they sent a ground team in and spoke to all the powers that be, including our useless attorney, suddenly our daughter was returned home to us. The only explanation we got from the caseworker was, “Sorry, we weren’t aware that you were connected to these people. They have caused us much grief, we want nothing to do with this case.” Our useless attorney looked like he had seen a ghost.

      Every case Eduardo is different but our family took a chance and called them and by the grace of God, these people agreed to help us and our daughter was RETURNED HOME to us.
      Call them Eduardo we did.


      • Do you know if they help in cases where the rights have been severed?

        In my case all they did was claim that I had thoughts I didn’t have that even went against my diagnosis even. Someone called the hotline claiming I thought my cat could turn into a person and suddenly my kids were being taken away.

        In the end my rights were severed on the basis of future abuse due to ‘mental illness’.

        I was continually accused of being incapable as I was doing it.

        Wanna know what I actually have? PTSD. I have PTSD.

        I have not seen my children in three years. It has been pure agony. If they will help at all, please, I will try it however at this point their have been so many scams… I have to know. I have been threatened, told if I sleep with someone they will help me then threatened my case if I didn’t(while it was going on), people who don’t know the paperwork, who have not seen it, sometimes they assume and ive endured much on that account but you know, ive lost my voice and a number of other things but nothing comes close to being forced to live without my children and not knowing if they are ok, being told I cannot even file an appeal even right after the decision, that I had to have a lawyer do it, that I wasn’t a party to the case, that the judge said so etc etc etc… I have been blocked on everything I have tried to do for the past three years.

        If their is someone legit who will help I will take it. So far, ive only met brick walls.

        In Arizona, even ‘family advocates’ won’t touch it and though the state lists them on the web site ‘advocates of the disabled’ doesn’t touch anything involving anything even remotely related with anything considered family court territory, I was told, especially anything to do with cps, child custody, and divorce. Anything at all.

        I’ve been doing advocacy awhile now, more online because the judges will sometimes make trouble for those who show up as support, workers as well etc etc etc, its been known to happen, a more recent notable case being one you can google, a miracle for two sisters. It is well documented quite publicly and the judge is ordering the mother to do an impossible task, provide the information of everyone who she has so much as mentioned anything to, and those who have seen it, shared it, etc etc etc… their are thousands of people but this is still going on. I am sure any number of lawyers and judges have seen it, but nobody steps up.

        So… if these guys are for real, we really need them in Arizona. Desperately, and I can honestly say it is not just me. Not by a long shot. Here, what they did to me they consider routine. My own court appointee told me exactly that, that ‘this judge won’t care’ about the evidence I wanted her to present that didn’t get presented, and she didn’t even care about what WAS presented. none of it. If they won’t help me because many won’t at this point, they tell you to give up. Ive been told that more times than I can count, to just give up because ‘its over’… I won’t let it be over. But if they won’t help me and are still legit, maybe they will help someone else with a case just as fucked up as mine was.

        Please tell me these people are legit, with a source to cross reference them in some way, because I have been bore witness to far too many liars saying they will help who instead take people for everything they have and don’t lift a finger, i myself have had, as I said, someone say they would help me if I slept with them, he was supposedly a paralegal. I found out he was using this to do this to a lot of women. I told him no, so he threatened and harassed me for months until I managed to find some help with that. He left me alone when those associated with his family started asking questions apparently. Help with that though, wasn’t help with this. My family is still apart because of this and it is a horrible travesty no one should have to live.



  10. Some people on this site are just plain liars. One in particular is saying that I am keeping her from her children. That is a lie. Sara has weekly visits she can come to and refuses to do so. Please get the whole story before you make false statements or believe the lies put out there by parents who would rather time on this instead of getting a job and working to bring their children home.


    • Sounds like there is a miscommunication between Sara’s mother (or is Sara the mother, I did not read the original comment). The mother most likely has been wronged by the system and when this happens to most people, they feel so devastated that it is hard to maintain a normal life. Sounds like you are willing to work with the mother, please, you are the one who isn’t emotionally beaten down by the system, take the first step towards allowing the child visits with her mother. You may have tried in the past, but please, don’t give up, for the child’s sake.


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  12. I have aquestion- I am the grandparent of a child that has been in Kansas Foster Care- I have a complete opposite situation that involves my grandson who has lived over half his life in my home with me under a temporary guardianship signed by the child’s mother. After this expired, my daughter came to get her child and took him to another state to live, 4 months later because of her drinking and neglect to child he was placed in court custody. I was never given the opportunity to request that the child be placed with me, he was taken straight to a foster home ( they turned out to be child abusers) after 2 yrs of my grandchild being in Kansas foster care, and after working diligently with the mother, they are determined to reintegrate the child with the mother and in the beginning, I really wanted this to work, since she supposedly had quit drinking. But she hasn’t – she is abusive – physically and mentally to the child I reported this to cps agency and I even called the hotline because the KVC cps agency told me to, but nobody ever did anything except KVC would deny me and my grandson visits because I wasn’t supporting the reunification plan – this has gone on for the past 6 or 8 months with weekend visits with Mom- now KVC and the courts are trying the intragration on a full time basis with the child living in the home with Mom, I do not believe the judge knows the who situation and KVC does anything to avoid screwing up there intragration plan, problem is the vmother continues to be a raging alcoholic and she is mean and abusive to the child – especially emotionally and mentally cruel to the child she doesn’t t feed the little boy supper , she keeps him isolated in the home and away from a y possibility of making any friends plus she, nighty keeps him up half the nite at him and she intentionally is trying to destroy the child mental and emotional stability,then he goes to school all day only to come home again to no supper, not allowed toys or friends and abuse and cruelty going on until the wee hours and he is not allowed to sleep. The cps are aware of this situation because I have reportd this to the cps agency and have to ported it to the police,but the cps do nothing to help the child and now they just ignore the situation until in 2 weeks when the judge is suppose to give the mother custody of the child. Now, as the grandmother, who can I go to or what can I do to get the child back in my home and away from his abusive mother. Can I write a letter to the judge before the court date- I can’t afford a lawyers r, can I suggest this agency on behalf of my grandson, can I report to his situation as a crime to the district attorneys office or do I file a complaint with the dept of justice- any advise or legal recourse would be grately appreciated. My email is : ydal68yxes@


  13. CPS has a gross abusive of power. They are speed to be there, for children who are truly abused. They are NOT patent police. I am also an advocate for those who cannot communicate or are non-verbal. Recently, my ex husband’s daughter and my adopted soon made accusations against me. My ex’s daughter because I was divorcing her father (literally made the call the DAY before I filed for divorce) and my adopted son, who wanted to move in with his underage girlfriend and her family. The CPS worker was there for 8.5 hrs. At the end of the interview, with NO court order or charges against me, stated to me, in front of witnesses, that I would NOT be allowed to leave our be around my son, due to “possible physical abuse”. She, in fact wanted my son to stay in that home (I was in the process of moving out of) with my ex husband’s 5 kids (4 who are hostile towards me). I refused. She them had my friend who was with me “certified” to be his temp guardian. She told me and my friend that unless we signed her “safety plan”, my son could not leave the property. Also, she refused to give me any paperwork on what I was being accused of as well as there was NO sheriff deputy there. Well, I spent 5 full days away from my son, in the pretense that I had done something wrong. I finally reached our to this group out of Montana. They investigated my case and put me in touch with a top attorney that deals with these cases. Needless to say, day 6, I was able to take my son home with me, away from my ex and his children. This worker also made false allegations against my friend, with whom I am living with stating “she could not be a temp shelter for my son because there was 16 active CPS cases against my friend”. My friend then called the sheriff department where we live and the CPS office here. There are NO active or pending cases against my friend -whatsoever! CPS will lie, manipulate and walk all over your Constitutional Rights! They did me. I’m still going through this, as today is only day 7, and in the state of Texas, they have 30 days to bring you up or clear you of charges. I have 3 more weeks of feeling like my world is collapsing. This gentleman that I’ve been working with from this organization, is awesome! They really do their homework. I have never been investigated or in trouble with the law-EVER! I’ve adopted two kids from the CPS Foster care system, myself. If they can do this to me, they will do it to anyone! I would HIGHLY recommend, if you find yourself in a CPS investigation, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! And call these people: 406-623-0205. They will help point you in the right direction. I will keep all updated. God bless!


  14. It is a violation of safety wic code’s to not record them when talkng, it’s in the best interest of the children to have proper authentication of conversation’s! penal code sec 836.6 penal 837 power to arrest anybody! they have no county immunity when it’s unethical, unprofessional conduct that present’s a harm or threat “DETAIN THEM” TAKE THE CSW INTO CUSTODY don’t, do it in there office with out a warrent from a DA. Out in the field? have a field day! record them braking the safety wic code;s and penal code’s most likely the first word out of there mouth is illegal DETAIN”: all the worthless punks” Tell em Jason Jr sent you”””


  15. My fiance and I have two very beautiful children together. Our little girl Anaya who is going to be 4 Nov. 11th, and our little boy Rodimus who will be 2 Oct. 11th. Our son was taken away from us when he was 4 months old at the Loma Linda Hospital in CA. He was sick and at first we took him to Urgent Care in San Bernardino, CA. so they said they said he was to sick and they couldn’t help him so they took him to Loma Linda by ambulance. I don’t understand to this day why they would take him away from us, we were helping him. All of this happened back in Feb. of 2013. Our little girl was taken from us shortly after. She was 2 1/2 years old when they nabbed her. They told us to bring her with us when we went to court and when I read the court papers it stated that she was to remain in her mother and father’s care but, when we went to court with her they called my fiance away and took her from me as I was sitting there waiting to see the judge. My little girl was asleep in her stroller so I didn’t get to say good bye to her and so she woke up to being around strangers. My little girl was so scared and confused. All she knew was mommy and daddy. I really can’t imagine what that was like for her. It saddens me to even think about it. So, then CPS accused my fiance and I of Child Endangerment when they said my daughter and son were a little under weight when we fed them all the time and they ate a lot and they tried saying our daughter had “severe” diaper rash, ummm no she didn’t. It was not severe, it was mild and we were taking care of it with Desitin. My son was born a month early. He weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. CPS will sit there and lie about everything! They will give our kids back to us. We have been jumping through there hoops for the last almost 2 years now. We go back to court in Jan. All we need is a stable place to live and we should have no problems of getting them back. I feel bad for all of you that are going through this crap. I wish this on no one. CPS sucks!! But, there is a way to fight them. There is always a way. Keep your heads up and never give up! We all can fight the system.


  16. My grandchildren right now as I write this are trying to be kidnapped by the dcf department here in Bay County, Panama City, Florida! Back in October 2013, my daughters boyfriend then was physically abusing her…..punching her in the head…..threatening to kill her! So she loaded up her children into her vehicle and left her home….and went to a public place…a store and called the police for help! Well….dcf was called too. And even though she did the right thing…. dcf has been on her butt ever since! And if she doesn’t do or say what they “command”! They threaten to take her kids away! They didn’t like her Army Veteran brother (my son) staying with her… for over a month…..her case worker would go out of her way to drive by my daughters home to see if his vehicle was parked in her driveway….or anywhere near her home. She drove by my daughters home 2 or 3 times a day…..maybe more. If his vehicle was seen near her home…..her caseworker would park her vehicle and go to my daughters front door….bang so loud we’re surprised she didn’t put fist marks in the door! And she’d tell my daughter he needs to leave…..or I’m taking the kids away! Before my daughter moved to where she lives now….her and the kids stayed with me for a month. Well….they commit perjury in court to the judge….the day before one of her court dates….dcf came to my home to “check on her and the kids”. Next day in court… the judge….dcf said…” Your Honor….to this day….we have no address or even know where she is living right now!”….my daughters attorney wouldn’t let my daughter say ” Your Honor…..they do know…..they came to my home yesterday! ” I found out the attorney my daughter has….that dcf appointed to her cause dcf said she has the right to an attorney….. when tbey first csme to my home…..they said since my faughter and grandkids are stahing with me at the momment…..they needed to be nosey and snoop around my home. They told me i dont have to let them in. Well…..the dcf worker left… day her and her suppervisor showed up at my door saying ” if you dont let us in your home…..were taking the kids away!” I recently found out….dcf cannot use coertions or threats to gain entrance to the home! Its aginst the law… is our 4th ammendment! We also found out that my daugbters “attorney” works for dcf! Yep….my daughters “attorney” gets their paychecks from dcf! Like I said….they threaten to take her kids away ALL THE TIME! A couple of weeks ago….one day at about 10am….my daughter again….heard extremely loud banging on her front door AGAIN! She answered the door….and AGAIN it was her dcf worker…..she asked my daughter why she didn’t go to her dcf court date that morning. My daughter told them…it was that morning….in fact it was later that afternoon! Of course the dcf worker told her she was wrong…..and even after my daughter showed the the letter she just recently got in the mail from them….confirming it was later that day….the dcf worker still insisted it was earlier and since my daughter ” missed it” dcf put my daughter in contempt of court!!!!! So…..1st week of November my daughter has to go to court again….and this time the dcf worker said her kids will be taken away for sure!!!! There is sooooo much more violations by dcf…..lies…..perjury…..stalking… name it…..I’m sure you get the picture! Today my daughter and I are suppose to go to our free legal aid office to see if my daughter quality’s for one of their attorneys to represent her…..and with what we told the office….they sound like if she qualifies….that they really want to help her!!!! I have read all kind of horror stories about Florida dcf… how they think their immune from any laws and they have more power than God! We all desperately need to find a way to fight dcf……to finally put an end to this state ” illegal adoption ring” dcf is hurting our families…. tearing them apart…..and especially our children.! I’m sure too….that y’all read…..when these families loose custody of their children….and dcf gains the custody…DCF receives $5000 for each child…..$10,000 for each special needs child! Well listen to this…..I read where dcf took over 300 children away ….either so far this year…..or last year….and I think it’s here in my county….the number is way too low for it to be the sTate…..OK…let’s say all 300 children… none we’re special needs…..300 x $5000=$1,500,000!!!! Recheck that for me….. Whether it’s 300 for our whole state….or Bay County…..$1,500,000 is a lot of money!!!!!! And that figure alone really makes dcf look like lying, deceiving, stalking, kidnappers! I’ve read on different websites where some we’re trying to get together with other victims of dcf… fight dcf….to get all of this dcf illegal actions stopped! And I guess they either didn’t know how to go about fighting dcf…..or didn’t have enough other victims backing them up…. Today…..October 11, 2015…..if my daughter qualifies for free legal representation from an attorney…..we’re going to find out… we can go about getting Florida dcf stopped! And I know “the more, the merrier”….so if she gets an attorney and he/she fights for my daughter and grandkids….and wins….which means for starters…..dcf closed the case….I will come back on here….and let every know what we found out….and if allllllll of us are able to take dcf to court…..Sue them to the here thee now…..AND… make a law or laws…..where dcf will no longer be able to tear good families apart!!! Even if we wind up in Washington, DC! They have to be stopped now!!!!!!!! I wonder how many suicides their guilty of causing??????


  17. Our newborn was snatched by CPS at the hospital, they said I couldn’t see him unless they swabbed me, and interviewed me, do I let them, it was inconclusive. The worker alleged I was too cognitively impaired to be trusted with my son, and that he was in immediate danger. Completely obsurd as I worked for over 4 years with special needs toddlers, and am well trained in child development. I live in a nice home. I never did anything wrong!! I used non psychoactive CBD prior to his birth but quit even using that for pain once he was born. My wife never even takes aspirin and is a fully trained and qualified preschool teacher who is title 22 infant CPR and first aide certified. She is finishing a bachelors to teach kindergarteners with Autism. Both of us and all of our family members are mandated reporters who work or have worked with children. The report was full of lies stating we have no fit relatives, despite us stating that we have a huge family of cops, teachers, principals, hospital workers, and other perfectly qualified and capable law abiding citizens. Since day one, our worker does nothing but tell us she’s keeping our son in foster care forever no matter what we do. The judge already ordered her to return him in one week, and the worker ignored the judge. Two court hearings and both times CPS did the opposite of what the judge told them to. Our worker states that even if we pass the home check she is still keeping our child indefinitely!!! He’s now a month old! They take terrible care of him in foster care. Our worker first against judges orders blocked our hospital visits. The judge again ordered them to give us visits plus that they return him within a week. They let is have the first two visits, but the next week our worker changed the visit days, without ever telling us!!! She told us Tuesday that our visit had been changed to Monday, and too bad we just lose it. Also she did that because the next Monday was another holiday!!! Making us miss another visit!!! Then she scheduled our home check, after playing games for quite some time and refusing to do so….to our only visit the following week with our son, and she never showed up!!! We were then late for our visit due to texting the worker about her coming to do the check and us waiting for her to decide if she would or wouldn’t come. Out of the only three visits she allowed us, two of those measely 60 minutes she barged in and interrupted to tell more lies and demand additional drug tests and things that the court never ordered!!! Giving us less than a two hour window to drive the 45 minutes to the test facility from the visitation place, plus the foster mother left the visit 15 minutes early on one due to a doctor visit the worker demanded!! So we practically never see our child due to social worker games since she is mad she has no case. The worker refuses to be recorded, which in our state it is illegal to record without consent, ridiculously. She constantly lies and has perjured herself. She tortures us and uses her power as leverage, banking on the fact that it’s still a week until the judge can even see what she is doing at all. We ask for court documents, and case information, the worker refuses to provide them, insisting her lies ate the court orders, when we know better because we were there to hear the judge. He was supposed to be home after one test, it’s now been three of them and the worker still found nothing. Our child had what looked like a bruise last visit on his tiny head!!! Super crackingly dry skin, overloaded diapers. The foster mother does not properly fasten his car seat!! The foster mom took expensive clothes and pacifiers we bought him and his car seat we bought. He never has a pacifier, nor have we ever seen him in any nice, new, or fitting clothes. He is always in the same stained old faded, too big, airplane outfit, sucking his dirty sleeve. He used to smile at two days old, now he’s listless almost, and completely non responsive to us during visits. He used to open his eyes a lot, he doesn’t now. The foster mom cuts off his food supply even when he is still hungry and the last two times she fed him early so that we couldn’t. Nobody cares about his potential allergies, or the fact we’ve been shown photos if a 7 year old holding him without supporting his head, and of him lying with no adults near him on a filthy couch somewhere!!! We can’t sleep, we are sick with grief and worry, and they say oh he won’t remember this. Morons! They are permanently effecting his development, but they do not understand child development, so they are clueless!!! How can they not train these people on the effects of depriving children their families, the younger the child actually the more important consistency in parenting is actually. CPS is crooked, all they want is Title IV money, and the do not care how much they Burt your child and family, and how much of a crappy situation they put your child in to get it. To them there is NO innocent, they just get more and more desperate to make crap up.


  18. In Riverside, CA, our worker continues to falsify documents and lie and disobey the judge. She refused to be recorded, and would not due our home check for three weeks over me asking. So I scheduled it with a third neutral party witness, she never showed, claiming she did not know our address that is all over the court documents. Then she said she didn’t have time when contacted the morning of, yet text me for over an hour, and had time to type 2 referrals for drug tests,which were not court ordered, but she claimed were. Then upon my verbal protest she admitted they weren’t but stated she gets to do what she wants and she doesn’t have to listen to the judge, and swire we had to do them. Our visit was cut 15 minutes shirt because the foster mom had a conflicting drs. Appt. She claimed was ordered by our worker. The worker interrupted two out of the only three visits she has allowed us, and makes us drive to another city, despite there being a closer location for both us and the foster mother, just so she can barge into our visits unannounced and disrupt our measely two hours a week with our newborn and harrass us with bold faced lies. Our son had a small bruise on his side of his newborn head this visit, the last one he had diapers that were beyond overly full. We sent brand new clothes and pacifiers yet he’s got no pacifier always and is sucking the dirty sleeve if the same too large, stained, used outfit he’s worn almost every single visit. She does not properly fasten his car seat around his arms either!!! She uses the expensive car seat we bought him at least. It’s ridiculous that the judge ordered him returned three weeks ago, and yet they are still purposely interfering with our bonding and visits, and purposely not working for reunification as ordered, and continuously on this baseless witch hunt instead!!! Court is next week again, and still our worker refuses to do anything ordered, and still no home check. The worker tells us she will not give out child back ever even if we pass it!! She refuses to even livescan relatives, or anything else she is told to do that would take him out of the neglectful foster home. What kind of system railroads innocent, working, tax paying citizens this way, rolling families apart, and damaging and risking the safety of children? We get treated worse than criminals, and all CPS does is play games, lie, and take up Monday- Friday working ours with their ridiculous last minute made up demands!!! They give you two hours to drive 45 min. Away to pee on command, without any court order, then if u can’t make it auto fsil, if you can’t Lee enough,auto fsil, if you have to watery of pee, fail….even though with do little notice and some weird stranger at the lab watching your pee come out your body, no way could you cheat!!!! Ridiculous violation after violation of our constitutional rights as Americans!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Family shredders, life shredders…. Terrible illegal acts!!! I have had enough!!! Changing visit days to Monday, not telling me until Tuesday, the day after, then saying too bad we didn’t tell you, now you only get one hour!!!! Oh and next Monday is a holiday, did we mention? So you only get to see your son lne day then too!!!!…even though the judge told us to start sending him home to you weeks ago…. 😦 They are so evil and do sooooo much that is illegal!!!!


  19. Please help they have violated all of my rights and tramitized my children can anyone say lawsuit you will not believe want is happening in. This small backwoods town we need 4. Tickets to leave this place behind someone help freedom from tournament ,tort law,,civil rights,and amendments of the Constitution


  20. this is a lie. for 4 year my granddaughter has repeatedly claimed her step dad has molested her, and cps will not do anything to help. They say it’s up to her mother to help her but she won’t.


  21. This is so helpful. Thank you I am a mother of autistic child who was taken from our family for 3years now . We are going to file in federal court for our rights and the damage this department did to our family. We had no visits with our child for one year now. That is not right and all the subjective accusations are not right.


  22. Hi my name is angela i just lost my children about 8mons.well its a questionif u dont mind or can guide me in the right direction well my special needs child is in an abusive home i have pictures to show but the judge never responded to them he just ignored the situation but no one got charge even for the forster hitting on my don left him marks no reports were made not by schools cps workers or not even my kids attorney i cant get the help i need im a single parent i work part time and still doing my groups testing and staying clean and sober.thank u for ur time i hope u can guide me in the right direction


  23. I would like to share my story nightmare . I had no knowledge of Cps or fear and they made things worse I ran out of time to get my son home . it’s s Long story . he was abused in foster care b. my lawyer didn’t represent me . I could not study to educate myself . please call me at 5307989454 I am under court order investigation idk why my daughter is getting adoption I need to file a motion appeal & need advice . I believe they have been vidio record me . destroyed my life . you would not believe my experience it will be hard to believe the power & how intrusive they took over my llife


  24. they took my son out of school without asking permission and when cps come to my door they showed me a picture of my son with a sore being open.


  25. I don’t know what to do my kids have been taken from me in Illinois, and taken back to California on charges of fleeing from jurisdiction…but they still haven’t got jurisdiction. It’s kinda freaking me out because of the lies involved with the whole case….I wasn’t offered reunification or even got visitation with my babies andi gotta go back to California to court, where I have a chance of losing my job and everything else I have accomplished for my familyy. What do I do?


  26. My name is james lilly my two girls were taken before I was even told there was a allagation then they told me well law enforcement was involved they dropped there side I was told by dss if I didn’t sign there saftey plan which stated no contact until investigation was over I would not get to talk to them again well I signed it but the mother had them for the weekend and her family the one that made this allagation so she had give them permission to talk to kids and everything before I was even told of an allagation then they told me well I haven’t even got a supervised call or nothing there was no charge and it’s been 66 days he’ll I don’t even have a court date they sent me a letter after 66 days saying we extended the investigation I have raised 4 other kids plus these two that was taken never been in trouble with the scoop never this girls that was sent back to there mother wear I took them from she has tons on her record child neglect shoplifting running from police your right our system is broken but nothing will help we will never stop them never I have done nothing at all and the have treated me so bad but no one will help I have contacted a lot of people local news 3 of them out of town news no onexception gives a shit




  28. You haven’t said anything that I do not agree with. We are living this situation right now in a case of a false allegation. My case, however, involves a false allegation from outside the home.

    In my state, if the accuser is a child, all that is needed is an ALLEGATION for the Department of Children and Families (DCF; our version of CPS) to substantiate AND refrer the case criminally. The background of the “suspect” does not need to be considered or even investigated, and investigators are DISCOURAGED from looking into the accuser’s background (there is documentation that the child accusing me has made accusations against five other people in the past). They don’t look into the accuser’s background because the state doesn’t want possible victims with questionable pasts to fear their backgrounds being used against them.

    Regardless of the criminal case against me (which has zero activity for almost a year), our worst experience has been with DCF. Because they have nothing to support a criminal case, DCF is trying to make something out of nothing within our home. I have been involved in the special needs community for more than a decade, we have contact with dozens of mandated reporters (due to my line of work), I’ve spoken out publicly against child abuse, we live in a clean house and have continual contact with the school system, our kids visit physicians regularly, and, due to neurological issues, the children have been seeing counselors for years. Yet, not a single mandated reporter has ever so much as suggested that I (or my spouse) would ever do anything abusive to our children.

    My 18-year-old neuro-typical daughter even testified during a court motion to my fitness as a parent. Yet, DCF insists that, since I could have potentially done what they say I did outside the home, that it stands to reason that I would do something within my home (thankfully, the judge intelligently found that correlation to be ludicrous). However, from the other side of their mouth, we have recordings of DCF admitting that there is no evidence that I am a risk of harm to my kids. DCF has spent more time trying to build a case against me from something that doesn’t exist in my own home, than they did putting together the criminal case against me for something that never happened outside of my home.

    As for rights violations: that has happened continually to us, most significantly on two occasions. First, DCF was insisting that I take a psychosexual evaluation (PSE); their flimsy reasoning: to help me prove that I didn’t do what I’m accused of. They wanted me to believe that a PSE could conclude whether or not I am a sexual predator. The problem with that: the evaluation doesn’t have that kind of power. Nor does even the best forensic psychologist. At most, the test (and the psychologist) can only determine risk of reoffense level. What they really wanted was for me to simply take the test, because (the way the PSE is constructed), one must admit to the accusation in order for the PSE to determine what LEVEL of risk the taker is. So, a component of the PSE is the admission of guilt. I’m not guilty, so I said, “No.” And they didn’t like it (I could go on for days).

    The other rights violation was the appeal of my substantiation. I was given the right to appeal, but my court appointed attorney said it wasn’t a part of his purview, and that I would have to support myself. That said, it also meant that I would have to fight the substantiation against me line-by-line, thus giving DCF my entire defense. Of course, DCF told me that I had nothing to fear, because the appeal wouldn’t be shared with the prosecutor’s office, but I know much better than that. Anything that I say or do is admissible in court. They wanted me to self-incriminate, or give up my defense — anything that would help them create a case where there is none.

    It’s all about $$. There are 20,000 people on our state Child Protection Registry, and the state gets funding based on their aggressive substantiation efforts. In a state with only 600,000 people, that’s 3% of the population on the registry; that must look great on paper to those who dole out the cash.


  29. the plot thickens when the accused isn’t even the parent, biologically, legally, or in any sense. I do not even know the woman who accused me of being her kids father, have never seen her in my life including in court, Arizona DCS summoned me claiming that i abused and neglected my children, i have insisted on a paternity test because i am 100% positive this is a mistake, the judge ordered the test, i feel like having the people who I know have falsely accused me be in charge of my paternity test is equivalent to letting the fox guard the hen house, but what can i do?


  30. Please everyone look into the case in Pontotoc County , Ok about Joshua Nemecek. He has been falsely accused and is now facing life in prison due to a ex girlfriend who is seeking revenge and looking to sue because of his family coming from money. Not only has his family been affecting but that have went after every one that has every had any contact with his family and are trying to take anyone’s children that are associated with this family. This county has a DA that is using his title to make a name for himself. Please if there is any one out there PLEASE this town is begging you to help them and stop this court and DA from doing this to these families all because a girl is after her 15 minutes of on camera use and revenge and wanting to sue for money.


  31. My son was taken from me I raised him his whole life he’s 10 years old. My son and I are (were) extremely close. We did everything together surf, skate, everything. Social services was called on me from some vindictive person. My sons father had never been in the picture, my son didn’t know him. But they conned there way in and broke my home. Social services made me out to be someone I am not. They said that it was best that my son got to know his father. He lives in Key West I live in North Carolina Outer Banks Dare County they took him from me and sent him there no warning. He was granted custody last year. I have no rights.. Just like that he was the center ofy life now he’s just gone.


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  33. Hello my name is polly James and me and my husband Darrell James have been wrongfully accused and our children were ripped from out arms on March 11th 2016 I’m fighting back bUT I need help doing so please help


  34. My grand daughter was taken by her babysitter after she filed charges against my daughter at the police department. The babysitter claimed herself to be her Aunt in court. Without any evidence they gave her my grand daughter. After I finally got the court to acknowledge she wasn’t her Aunt the KVC & DHS of Cherokee county Kansas allowed her to become a foster parent to coverup their mistakes. I’ve been fighting for over 2 yrs to get her back. I have guardianship of her older sister. They won’t acknowledge how well taken care of her sister is by me because she wasn’t ever in state custody. Their going to sever my daughters parental rights in June 2016. I’m still fighting to get these 2 sweet little girls back together as sisters. The DHS & KVC are trying to use my disability against me in court. Its heartbreaking. I will continue to fight for my grand daughters.


  35. If you know for a fact that your child is being emotionally and physically abused by his mother and stepfather and DC’s has been called and it’s your visitation time with him. But when its time to take him back and he’s afraid to go back because they will punish him and blame him for DC’s being called they whoop him for telling me what happens to him because they tell him not to tell what goes on in their home. His teacher knows he’s told her. And he has no reason to lie because it’s not the first and only time this has happened. I don’t want to take him back because he is really afraid of what they will do and say to him. I don’t know what I can do the case is currently open. What can I do as his parent to protect him?


  36. I am a mother of 3 me and my husband are fighting for kids CPS just trying not to get us to get them back give him back to us we got to go to court we don’t know where to turn and how to fight CPS they doing things wrong


  37. My storey starts with I had a protection order in place and I was protecting my child refused medical treatment for me but was to believe that my daughter be checked just incase so I agreed to get her looked at i told the hospital I was there to have my kid tested because of being up for days do to domestic violence I also suffer with chronic pain and wasn’t eating I thought he was in the back but I realised I was starting to hullucinate from dehydration the hospital staff told me I needed to put a gown on for her to be tested cause they started saying she has to go with the nurse Not without me I looked at her angry because they stole my cell phone and told me to let them take my child to the kids ward I firmly stated no one is taking her anywhere she’s a minor and I’m her mother and I have to keep her with me and started to realize these people are up to something I said to give my phone so I can get someone to take my daughter they said we will and kept lying trying to make a long storey short they called cps.and they waited till I fell asleep we went by ambulance in thetearly evening they showed up after I told my daughter do not go with anyone and I asked to please give her something to eat because she is hungry now and I had to call my son he was waiting 10 pm for me to pick him up and you still didn’t let me call anyone to pick my daughter up either they said that security had my cell and my purse they just kept it safe for me and locked it up I told my kid they think I’m stupid stay near mommy we had fell asleep on the bed and I put my arms around her right and told her not to trust them but later found a nurse tapped her arm and told her to hush and not to wake me mommy’s tired come out here and talk to me for a minute then the cps worker woke me up and I said where’s my daughter she is out there so I can talk to you I screamed for her no answer and they closed the and told they’ll have to sadate me if I dont calm down I said I want my kid they set me up and soon as we are done talking then of ccourse they kidnapped her she went into foster care for a month in a half we are both crying everyday she stopped her from calling me because the foster parent didn’t want to hear it I taught my child to read and by the time she was in kindergarten she was reading at 1st gr .level she was always an A student well behaved and had manners my family member I had take her lived 10 minutes from the hospital they stole mmy kid from and all I was doing was protecting my daughter my son’s are in the 20s Nd were A students my oldest was on the dean’s list 3 times and my middle son is in semmi pro football he’s QB he wants to be a CO for the state isI currently taking law. My side was never heard they released me after 9 days first they tried saying I was nuts them it was an abuser of drugs they released me back into the home that I had told them I had to go to court for the domestic violence they made me miss and he was at my house they could of told the judge since the court room was same as I just placed the charges days before they didn’t care it’s been a year and closed by making me my child up to my step child that lives outta state so my daughter be safe from them but the worker used tax payers money outta NO to cross pay 30 in tolls in a state car at 8:30 at night and this is days after the case being closed by the court she has sole custody but they lied and said the case is still open it’s not and I hope that someone fights for parents to have their side heard cause I have an attorney he told me she’ll be 18 and she can live with whomever then I didn’t know he wasn’t going to have my best interest and told us to let the lady in it’s just to see my daughter the judge relieved them already but your saying to accomadate them !!! And asking for 000$ more I need a civil rights and private investigator ,$$$$$ it’s been a year and tons and I had to give my child to family to keep her safe or at least that’s what it looks like so far who knows the cps supivsor May cross the state and make the tax payers pay in Nj again even tho the case is closed but the devil still trying to mess with my baby …good thing it’s recorded . But I’m very mad as I should be they stole my last child and need to stop now ….cause of domestic violence I’ll be bed ridden eventually she make me fight chronic pain but she’s not with me I just have to find a way to make they pay the best part is the caseworks and visitation persons all said this should of never been a case NY family asked thethwhy did I have her kid and she need to go to stay with her family with custody well they told my family you can’t fix it they blamed the judges …..I’m done I have a cracked heart and soul from this and a
    I can’t say my kid doesn’t cause she’s told them my mommy was protecting me .. it fell on deaf ears ….I’m sorry sweatie I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to make up what’s going on …..there’s more but I can’t finish .. president Obama or the next one HAS TO STOP THIS !!!!!!! 5/13/16


  38. Hi I never had to do this before cps steped in took my child from the hospital because we lost our electricity and false statements from my mother in-law wich she is clinically diagnosed with dementia it has been almost four months and we still haven’t had our newborn in our custody at the family team meeting they declared we were at immanent risk to our child I have asked about ten times already and cps States that it’s because we have a open investigation and we lost our home because of cps the landlord stated her concerns to us and stated the same exact thing that the cps officer statedi have jumped through all their hoops and I’m not going anywhere maybe a lawyer can help and do I have a right to consult my own lawyer or do I have to use their appointed lawyers because I filed for a lawyer when I saw the lawyer that was supposed to represent me and when I showed up to court after I filled out a paper to consult a lawyer the cps lawyer steped in and took my case anyway I have stated this to the social worker many times and I have not got a strait answer except it is proper procedure to use the cps lawyer


  39. Please help me I’m a mother of a 17 year old daughter who I have been subjected to cps for there lies and deception and got my daughter taken away from me with out me even knowing they decided to give full custody to cps and it’s a really long and hurt breaking thing I’m going through and my daughter is suffering in a place they call Our Home in Parkston SD and I’m just made to look like the bad guy when I didn’t even know about some stuff and was lied to , so can anybody help me because I don’t have any money for a attorney at all as me and my fiance only make 1,000. A month due to economy and are on the poor side of life but do everything we can for my daughter and her own disabilities , but yet im the abusively neglectful own , I don’t get any of this case or why I’m to be deceived or lied to not just by cps but even by the court systems.


  40. To all those currently dealing with CPS (or whatever the heck they want to call themselves), if you have an attorney and have made it past the adjudication part talk to your attorney about filing a motion to dismiss.


  41. I it’s about time somebody called them on what they do their home Wreckers they destroy families I know I just came out of CPS court today and let me tell you they have lied enormously about situations they put my daughter in an alcoholic home with a drug addict who committed suicide while she was staying there and they still insisted that that they were the better parents the righteous without reason they take a stand and their whole team will sabotage you and Destroy they ruined my family and they gave my daughter up for adoption because I was found to have a drug in my hair this is ridiculous it’s wrong I was a good mom I love my children I was a very good mom they destroyed my career too the best book I ever read about this was the baby business it was a New York Times bestseller and it tells you about the black market that is CPS today it started out in twenties Young girls who were underage had their babies taken away from them and they sold them on the black market for-profit they’re still alive today and call themselves CPS and they’re still doing it and they wouldn’t have a job if they didn’t have your kids yeah it’s a good book


    • I went thru the same thing and lost custody over my son I was I am a good mom! There evil I have another 7 month old baby and another one on the way but I lost my 11 year old over he said she said it ruined my family!!!!!!!


  42. CPS social workers nurses in the hospital and other free organizations help organizations help split up my family if taking my kid I don’t even get visits even though the courts ordered it now they want to adopt him out and say I haven’t done anything when I have the lawyers suck help


  43. Going on 4 years open dependency. I want to help others. I have a huge case. Money isn’t my motive, Justice for my children and others, helping other families that have been affected due to the lack of investigation or true concern of a child’s welfare & exposing the people that need to be discredited & banned from any future say in what is best for a child.


  44. Cps took my kids I’m 29 have 5 kids. My mom knows this cps very well. She didn’t raise me but I let her in my life in my early 20s. It’s been 3 months I live in MS. Lawyer here won’t help me. My mother got a lawyer and is filling in chancery court for guardian ship hell she was an abusive mom why I wasn’t able to live with her. But she is with my step dad and he has money. I have hit every wall please help.


  45. I need help. I just recently gave birth to twins, the hospital called DCS because my urine screen came back positive for amphetamines. I complied with the case worker , took a swab , and a few days later she told me the drug test was negative and that the case would be closed. Well a week later she showed up at my house and said she needed to give me another mouth swab to close the casr, i took it. A few days later a different lady comes to my home with the police stating that i failed for methamphetamine!!! Never in my life have I done meth. My husband was furious and refused his test because of what happened to me. They took our kids and we had court a few days after. Well the judge ordered us to take more mouth swabs, we both complied. We just had our family meeting today and our assesment worker tells us we both failed for methamphetamine!! My husband asked for documented proof. We didnt notice until after the meeting but the document given to him had a different donors name on it. Mine had my information but now were thinking she switched our tests with someone elses and placed my name on one and meant to put his on the other but forgot. Can i do anything about this? Im so petrified of taking another drug screen and failing even though i shouldnt be. I also take urine screens biweekly because i am voluntarily in treatment for a previous addiction to pain pills. And one of the tests that i supposedly failed for meth was taken directly after i took a urine screen that i tested negative for, but the case worker of course said their tests are more accurate than the ones i take at my treatment center.


  46. My grandsons mothers nrw boyfriend of ten month has tried alwsys to stop my 2yearold grandsonvwhich hes slept from birth tovstop from coming allvways now hes staged my 2yearold grandson so tht he says hid uncle touched his carky we say chippy were social workers and cid hv been but not been bk it is false aqusations ive been tapping my grandsons convasations on waybtakibg him home
    Its obviousley ours he wants to stay will they be able to tell its all lies ?


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