Adoptive Parents collected $175,000 for children they murdered. CPS approved this home and never checked on any of the nine children they adopted and then murdered them for over 10 years

These people adopted children to torture and kill them and GOT PAID TO DO IT! How could they have gotten away with this for 8 years? Because once a case is closed by adoption or guardianship, CPS washes their hands of the entire thing like, “Oh, well, we replaced the parents with strangers so everything will be OK now.”  This is the quality people CPS chooses and the only thing the States seem to care about is the money from the federal government. On top of the supplemental income for the adoptions, these people also claimed the children as dependents on their tax returns! You would think that the IRS would make it mandatory to audit these people on a yearly basis. 
I am telling you now we can not stand for this treatment of our children any longer. 


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