Our cause and resolution what we expect from our government and CPS

  (Why we are here)

THIS SITE is dedicated to our son, Donnelly, who was stolen by the Riverside County DPSS and the Southwest Juvenile Dependency Court cohorts. We are here to help parents as advocates against these criminals who are systematically destroying families. If you have a story, we will listen, if you have information, we will post it, if you want to rant and rave, we will be patient. If you need help finding laws, statutes, rules or to know what your rights are, we will show you where to find that. If you need to show others that CPS does not play by their own rules and laws, give them our link. We realize that many people still think that society needs Child Protective Services but we really do not. Sure, their “Mission Statements” and public announcements and comments all sound good and reasonable but it is a FACT that is all B.S. They boast their “numbers” when children are “saved” but when they die in CPS’s care, they cry, “We need more funding, that is why we couldn’t protect the child.” So, why remove ANY child if they cannot GUARANTEE that child’s safety? So, out of 100 children, 1 child is “saved” from a truly abusive or imminent risk of abuse and the other 99, in which CPS removed from good loving homes, must suffer? Child Protective Services nationwide, by whatever name they are referred to in other States, are literally STEALING CHILDREN from decent parents. Want to know why? Because those children are “adoptable” and therefore, worth more funding. Whistleblowers have exposed that they overheard actual ORDERS placed for babies and CPS going out and finding the perfect one for that person! The funding is what they call Adoption Incentives provided by the Federal Government via the Social Security funds taken out of our paychecks! Not only is this happening in the U.S. but it is ramped in other countries as well. The UK is hellbound to ruin families, Austrailia tricks single mothers into giving up their children and steals Aberigonie children who get so depressed after being taken away that they commit suicide! New Zealand goverment officals actually publicly apologized for their CPS crimse but are back in full force ripping apart families for money. How are they getting away with this? By falsifying evidence and committing perjury. How do they get away with that? The “Judge” as well as the “court appointed attorneys” are all paid by the county. The County is their employer. So, it would be like your ex-whatever, taking you to family court for custody of the children and paying the “Judge” and your attorney. Who is going to win? Certainly not you.

So, welcome again and If you don’t mind that we consistently blame others for our problems, stay a while, enjoy the sarcastic, yet informative, posts. You can do the same and tell the world about the people who are out to get you and your family. You can tell your story on the page dedicated to that, or comment on any article. You can suggest a link for us to post, you can request information on a certain subject or topic and we will research it or if you need help writing letters or filling out forms please email us, the links are below.

Purpose (Outcome resolution)

What we are expecting as a result of our blog, as unrealistic as it may be, is to stop this stealing of our children. At minimum, the least we could do is:

1.  Force the Counties to only remove children in REAL extreme cases, not made up ones;

2. Stop falsifying evidence

3. Stop committing perjury in court and in their reports;

4. Abide by all laws, rules & regulations, that are currently in place;

5. Citizen created Oversight Committee made up of ordinary citizens, gathered by process similar to jury duty, to investigate complaints by parents and relatives regarding CPS operations and performance of a yearly audit of every County in every State by an independent financial auditor;

6.  No more “anonymous” phone calls;

7. No more punishing doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists and every other “mandated reporter” for failing to report every single scratch or nervous habit of a child;

8. Accept reports of child abuse from the children ONLY. If adults can be persuaded to call a hotline so can children. If children can see a show on TV and memorize the opening theme song, then they can learn to memorize a phone number in the event that they are being abused. Through commercials, we can give children the courage to speak out for themselves if they are being hurt. Promote the awareness of abuse to the children.

9. Even when significant abuse or neglect of a child has occurred, a Judge, not paid for by the County, needs to issue a warrant and criminal charges filed upon a POLICE INVESTIGATION;

10. Any parent who does not voluntarily give up their parental rights should not lose them;

11. Any parent who continues to fight the allegations should have the right to a JURY TRIAL;

12. Children should be placed with FAMILY unless the children themselves show fear at the idea or upon arrival at the family member’s home;

13. Foster care should be a last resort for children who do not have any family available or willing to care for them;

14. No child should be dosed with psychotropic medications unless absolutely necessary, not just because Johnny and Jenny are unhappy because they are being denied familial association and being treated like a stranger in foster care, maybe even being abused, neglected, molested, raped, tortured, etc. Vaccinations should never be repeated because the worker can’t find the immunization record that isIN THE FILE!

15. Parents should have the right to inspect the home or facility their child is placed in.

These things would be a very good start in the complete overhaul of Child Protective Services. Certainly, such changes would surely save enough money to pay off the National Debt in just a few years! 


2 thoughts on “Our cause and resolution what we expect from our government and CPS

  1. My granddaughter’s father (my own son) was very verbally and physically abusive to my daughter-in-law (his now ex-wife) when they were married. She finally was brave and smart enough to turn him into the police and divorced him. He immediately upon getting out of jail and going to a batter’s offender’s class hooked up with a new living in girlfriend and now have a child together. My daughter in law dated a man for 3 years and when she realized that he treated both her and my granddaughter well….she decided to take the next step and move in together. They had been living together for about 6 weeks when my (son) and his new girlfriend went to DHS and reported that my granddaughter had been “touched” in her privates by her mother’s now live-in-boyfriend. CPS in Ontario Oregon took my granddaughter out of her mom’s care and placed her with my son. Ignoring my concerns that if there was ANY abuse going on it was from my son’s new girlfriend whom my granddaughter was always “terrified” of. Investigations came up empty but the relationship was ruined and my daughter in law and granddaughter’s life was scarred forever. Now… several months later my daughter in law decides to go on a date with a young man that seems “decent”…she then realizes that friendship is all she would like. My son and his girlfriend now not only accuse this guy of sexually abusing my granddaughter…but accuse my daughter in law of also sexually abusing my granddaughter…so the way I see this CPS in Ontario Oregon is allowing my son to continue to verbally and mentally abuse his ex-wife and my granddaughter. I could really use advice and suggestions on what I can do. DHS also stated to the judge the last time we went through this that my son was “exempt” from having to pay any child support because he was getting disability payments for his epilepsy, TANF assistance, and SNAP assistance…yet he is on a work crew fighting fires all summer….IRONIC!!! My daughter-in-law on the other hand has worked all her life to improve her living condition and my granddaughters life. Why does CPS just destroy people? Who gives them the power to do this?


  2. I have had my granddaughter for two years under relative placement throught Delaware County, Indiana. My daughter has since been released from jail and has been working with cps to get her daughter back.( I have also adopted her oldest daughter when she was a baby and her mother hates this). She told CPS I was overtaking my medication,I l knew this was my daugher who is a junkie telling CPS this. No one else would say something like that. I refused a mouth swab,CPS got a court order, the cops kicked down my door that evening-I was not home. The next day they took my grandchild. I am so hurt I feel like someone has died. I have never had to take a drug screen except for employment. What do I do. I have no money to get an attorney. Can CPS do this?


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