Am I Dangerous?

I still believe in our right to assemble to peacefully protest acts we feel are unjust. It seems that this right has been revoked. So many Americans refuse to believe things that are happening right in front of their faces and appear to be in complete denial, lost in a state of “normalcy bias”. If this is you just go back to sleep because you have some sort of justification for losing your Constitutional Rights and your freedom.

I PROTESTED THE KIDNAPPING OF MY CHILD BY SOCIAL SERVICES AND THE JUVENILE PROCEEDINGS THEY CALL DEPENDENCY “COURT” and I was labeled “DANGEROUS”. Have I ever been a threat to anyone, especially my OWN CHILD? NO. CPS painted a poor portrait of me and Rushton and Monterosso embellished that painting and illuminating it with theatrical lighting! They did this so they could get away with STEALING MY SON! 

CPS also gave falsified statements that I assaulted a foster care mother, even though the entire scene in question was all on video showing the foster care mom placing my son into my car during a casual conversation. CPS social worker Antoine Coley gave a false police report stating I kidnapped my own child somehow mysteriously the video disappeared.


If CPS shows up at your door with or without the police, WITHOUT A WARRANT, claiming that they only want to “talk” to you, then come up with accusations that are absolutely ridiculous then because you refuse to cooperate they seize your child then hold him hostage making your child suffer the separation and stuck in some strange home with strangers while they beat you down with unnecessary programs they call “services”  only to say you haven’t progressed in their “case plan” because you have not completed a class because they waited to provide you with te proper referral just so they can claim you are not progressing all the while threatening that you will lose your parental rights. On top of that your child has unexplained bruises and rashes and as your visit with him is ending he is pleading with you to take him home! CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE THAT PLEASE? CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE IT. NOW WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THE INTENTION OF CPS WAS NOT GIVE HIM BACK TO YOU EVER!!??

 2, Do you just sit back and take it, just let them do this to you? Do you just say, “Oh well, there is nothing I can do to save my son, they want him bad but I will just do what they say and hope for a miracle?” There are NO “miracles” with CPS, there are not enough prayers, not enough kissing of ass you can do if they are set on the adoption incentive funds. 

From the beginning, CPS had no other evidence or witness testimony other than what they falsified and straight up lied about all the while KNOWING we were innocent and good parents.  For added special effects they used another man’s criminal record and said it was mine.

So I rescued him after a visit. It was quite peaceful and non-threatening. But my wife and I were apprehended and jailed for just long enough to give our son away to strangers.

The people who believe our government has the right to take a child from a parent are under a spell or something. Do you trust the government in general? Do they always do the right thing? Are they competent and well organized and have a spotless record of perfection? I see the government screwing up everything they take control of.

For once in your life wake up and just look at the facts. But you will probably just sit back down and wait until someone dear to you disappears and then it will be too late for action. I promise you if it can happen to me it will happen to you or someone you know, it is only time.

 Protect you and yours because no one else will. This is the world in which we now live here in the U.S.

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