In Re: D.F.

We posted several stories regarding a current active Riverside County Juvenile Dependency case. It was alleged that it caused the child emotional harm. We sincerely apologize IF THAT IS REALLY TRUE WHICH WE HIGHLY DOUBT. Nonetheless, we noticed that the child’s name is still being searched for so we Googled it ourselves. There are “cache” versions of the articles that come up. I have sent several requests to Google asking for those “cache” pings be removed from the internet. Hopefully they will respond soon. 

Our goal is not to harm ANYONE. We wouldn’t even have this blog journal if people did the right thing so if you just stopped hurting children, if CPS and the court cohorts would follow the LAW and be REAL when you say “the child’s best interests” then we would SUPPORT your efforts to help abused and neglected children, we would help to PREVENT child abuse in homes. But the reality is really depressing because it is YOU PEOPLE who are abusing the children and you are destroying families. WHY CAN’T YOU JUST STOP IT?!?


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