Movie in Production

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This is a documentary film about the trafficking of children by the criminals working for our government and targeting good families for their easily adoptable children. This has become an American epidemic and shows no sign of slowing down. With today’s corrupt judges receiving illegal money from the counties has led to a entire industry of child trafficking. Judges have granted themselves immunity for their role and the acceptance of other funds but it is still illegal and makes everything these judges do void. There is so much more to be seen in this film.

4 thoughts on “Movie in Production

  1. My husband n I have been fighting for two and half years to get our grandsons out of foster care. We have audio recordings, documented proof and judicial proof of the corruption in meade county ky. If you are really interested in our story, please contact us at the email address we provided. We need help . Neither of our ky senators will help, our congressman won’t help us, the president won’t help us so who can? Maybe no one but hopefully you can.
    The social worker who signed the affidavit for the removal of our grandsons was prosecuted for the death of a six year old boy in hardin county a couple of years before…..


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