TWEEKER comes from a term used to describe people who do methamphetamine and stay up for two weeks at a time. They don’t always bathe or groom themselves properly. They often have scabs or open sores on their face, arms and legs which they pick at. A lot of people may squeeze a pimple here and there but these folks are relentless with it. Poor nutrition leads to poor skin color, their teeth rot out from lack of brushing and the deterioration from the hazardous chemicals used to make methamphetamine.

People may have a hard time in life paying bills or staying in one place for very long due to circumstances which have long been set in motion. Especially today, the economy is poor, jobs are sparse, and having a criminal record makes it even tougher to stay afloat let alone get ahead.  Don’t judge people by how much money they do or don’t have, or by the amount of DRAMA is in their life because you don’t know what it is like. If you can be supportive, then stay supportive. Flipping back and forth is so unreliable. I would rather know that I can’t count on someone than to think I can then be judged and labeled. Wouldn’t you?NOT TWEEKERS1NOT TWEEKERS2

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