Watch the Videos of Our Story

Our story is quite long and complicated and we are working on preparing our case for court so I have only been able to produce a small portion in a video format. To see those videos, click on “Our Story” on the right side. Scroll down to the bottom and work your way up as the posts are in reverse order. We post that way for our followers to see the latest without having to scroll down and sort through everything. You can sign up to follow our blog and keep up on the latest information, discoveries, set backs and triumphs. .

It would be great and appreciated if, after getting a good idea of the injustice done to our family, anyone who is adept in law and could help us out in any way. And when we win a few hundred million dollars, we won’t forget you. (Wishful thinking. All we want is our son back or at least to see him.

6 thoughts on “Watch the Videos of Our Story

  1. You are just to talented at writing.. I agree with everything your are expressing. Keep up the good work, and posting you are truly acting in the child’s best interest and that is always in the child’s best interest. I love you sweetheart for ever and ever,. I am so proud of you.
    For always doing the right thing no matter what obstacles we face.
    Even if we don’t win we still won,


  2. no doubt very quickly it will be well-known, due to its quality
    contents. good fucking job I hate these bastards they should rot in hell


  3. Parents need to fight to take their rights back and raise their children according to God’s will and I am in a situation that no one will take the case because they have stolen and placed my children in an abusive and molesting home and they knew about it , had a retired judge to terminate my husband’s rights sent in an appeal with fake names because the oldest child told how they had her to say these things against the grandparents and I have incriminating proof of it. They sent this child away where there is no family all because she ran away from their school, the foster home and got to a family member submitted a letter to the authorities and nothing was done except they covered it up.Even the court appointed attorney I misrepresented my case and I found out why, she was a candidate for the County Attorney’s seat and is now currently serving as the county attorney. I fear for my children lives Help please.


  4. Cps are a mob of criminals that do as they please, with no regards to what happens to children nor families. they kidnap children and allow them to be sexually abused, by the so call protectors. We should kidnap cps too, and hold them until they release our children. Becasue there is no justice for parents.


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