The Burns Family Before CPS

Part 1 of 2.
Coming Soon: Part 2 – How and Why CPS stole our youngest child because of an “anonymous” caller who wouldn’t stop calling. She created such a bias with her lies about us that CPS was malicious and ruthless towards me and my husband. I’ll show you THE PROOF!

6 thoughts on “The Burns Family Before CPS

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  2. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.


  3. I really think that birth parents should start a march and protest against this corrupted system that CPS and their governmental system has. What makes it so hard and difficult is the fact that the State of Texas gives them too much authority to lie and pays them to do so. Email to get started.


  4. CPS stole my children that I adopted through a CPS AGENCY. Was taken to court, my husband did not have legal representation during my trial. The court appointed attorney did not represent my case at all; I later found out immediately after my trial that she was a candidate for the County Attorney’s Seat and is now currently serving as the County Attorney. I was court appointed an attorney for an appeal and I did not get one, my husband was taken to court in a trial by a retired judge who terminated his rights. New important evidence against CPS and the foster parents came about and that attorney did nothing about it or used it; instead they put that oldest child in a mental institute for her birthday and send her far away to keep her from running from their school and that foster where CPS knew about allegations of molestation in that home. One parent hit the little boy on his private area and CPS called it an accident. All of the children are on medication. more information will be posted daily


  5. 2 child felony counts and 2 DV counts. For spanking my kid, I am 32 never had any DV in my life. My bond was not set until three days after I sat in jail. It was 60, 000 dollars. 6000 to get out. Cps has lied and made stuff up. I make 200 a week and now child stupport is taking 150 a week from me. I moved out and moved in wit my sister. My 50 dollars a week is killing me. I go to court Nov 4 2013. My so called attorney is working for them. He is my court appointed to family case and my criminal case. I paid him 1500 to aid me. No justice. He has talk to me once. We have never sat down and we have never talked about the case. I need a lawyer who is not afraid to figh5 these dhs, cps people. When all the people at the court house works together and go to lunch together. The system that cps uses is unmoral and causes more harm than help. My kid is now on meds and her grand mother is helping cps make a case wit lies. Please help. Cass county is not right. My number 2135379180 call. My life will be over if they get away from this.. ill take any help I can get. Im black my girlfriend is white. Nobody wants to see us together. Local police has told her not to bail me outta jail and cps told her , you will never see you kid if she helps me in any kind of way. Cps of cass county MI is wrong on so many levels. All the lawyers in this area is scared to fight them in court. Please help me


  6. I wish this was so that people stand together for families I know this to be a lie. when you try to contact someone about these unlawful situation there is no one around especially the so called Civil Rights Activists


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