Child declared at imminent risk of (future) neglect, by The Future Police (CPS)

Most people who encounter the so called CPS do indeed find it to be a very dishonest, harmful, fraudulent, oppressive, immoral totalitarian dictatorship that robs its so called clients or victims of not only their basic civil, democratic and constitutional rights, but also their basic inalienable human rights to raise children by treating them like caged animals, who must obey and have their babies taken.


The fact that they and their fellow oppressors in the legal system as with lawyers and the courts refusing to give such clients basic due process by not even letting them present their argument, while perpetrating outrageous lies to force seperation and distruction of the  family   by their captors (CPS) as exposed, many times, by numerous sources to ever not consider true. Just type CPS online and you get overwhelmed by horror stories


Child Protective Services role as the Child Protector but is really Secret Adoption Police, totalitarian BIG BROTHER dictatorship of the Family. The Family used to be the strength of our country but now has become a threat to Government. WHY? Why would the family become a threat to Government? I ask myself that question all the time. The only answer I can come up with is, because family shares knowledge of who to look out for and who not to trust. Why would this ever become a threat to anyone who is doing the right thing? This is the threat to the family a false government that doesn’t want anyone sharing free thought or ideas.


There is a proposal before the US Government in Agenda 29 to make community care givers in charge of raising all the children in the neighborhood run by CPS and, all being taught the government curriculum. This would take away any individuality left and all parents rights would go to the PARENT GOVERNMENT. How much more does our Government need to take away before this country wakes up. I have seen boys town in the news so many times and this is the governments ides of community upbringing, No Thank You. How many more kids do politicians have to abuse before people wake up. Just look up Boys Town and this is Governments Idea of child raising.


Foster care is just as bad as boys town. The government has proven itself to be the worst caregiver of children with children exposed to neglect and sexual abuse 9 times higher than homes being investigated by CPS of suspected abuse. CPS is the abuser. Parents who raise children may not be the best but they have an attachment to the child and at the least have a moral obligation to doing a good job raising the child. The first and foremost ability that the parent has that the government, foster care, boys town will never have or be able to offer is feeling needed and the belonging to famiy.


A child needs a sense of belonging and love that any successful parent gives. Parents may have what is considered by some as, I don’t like the way they raise there child but if the child is happy, LEAVE THE CHILD ALONE. CPS NEEDS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LISTEN TO THE CHILD, pardon my french but I am passed off.



My child was very happy and he knows I love him and only care about his true best interest. You found no faults in my home and said in your report Donnelly was a happy loving chilld and the parents took good care of, but you still took my child for future possibility of neglect or harm. That makes CPS the future police. The first question that any investigator with fucking idea of investigation work should be to form a back ground opinion on how I raised my first 4 children?



My first four children were raised in my home and are all productive members with jobs, have never been in trouble, and came through there childhood spoiled and very loved but CPS with it’s infinite wisdom of unlicensed Social Worker Antoine Coley, Supervisor Amanda Spratley, approved directed Susan Leow, and the Great JUDGE RUSHTON followed by Judge God Monteroso determined my child was at imitate risk of future neglect, and said because in my wifes ex husband was not paying child support, even though I made well over 100,000 a year and did not need the extra money. Where the hell you come up with this determination, you lazy, child stealing for money POS for bonus, immoral abductor, terrorizing for pleasure sick fucks. If you don’t like my language, I have had it with CPS and I am standing up to a terrorizing government who has stolen an innocent child given by god for me to care for as my own. I have no intention of abandoning this obligation ever.


William R. Burns writes   

7 thoughts on “Child declared at imminent risk of (future) neglect, by The Future Police (CPS)

  1. They tried to open a case on my son for the exact same reason,”risk of neglect in the future” We had to spend a lot of money on a very good criminal attorney ,and when we did,he laughed at them!! They tried to hold the fact that I gave my older two children up for adoption years and years ago,they said I still must not be capable of taking care of children,I gave my babies up because I had no way to take care of them and I wanted the best for my children ,I wanted them to have more,well they twist your decisions and your words and hold it against you,after my lawyer told them how it was,They said they wanted to see my son to make sure he was o.k,well we agreed just to satisfy them,my lawyer said he would set up a time in a mutual place and every one agreed,well 6 months went by and we never heard hair nor hide of the trash bags,I called my lawyer and asked him and he said he thought we already let them see our son,and we told them no that they had not even called or tried to get in touch with us by any means,so he called cps and they told him that they had no case on us and they were sorry for the inconveince,that they did not have to let us know .We never herd from them again,they tried to bully me for the first year of my sons life and my lawyer told them I made a good choice then and I am a very good mother with a very good family life and husband now and we were willing to pay any thing we had to ,to fight them and show them that they were the wrong ones and they were trying to steal my child and sell him for profit!!! I am just as mad as you are at these puke fucks and I am sick as hell at the thought of them getting away with what ever they feel like it!!! We are pregnant again and I am still for some reason scared that they are going to try the same shit with me again,but if they do my lawyer said give him a call and he will fix it,but I still worry every night and day because of how they sneak and attack like lions in the middle of the night,just like satin himself!!!


  2. Definitely tools(lil ass puppets) of the evil one, Satan. I am in shock and disbelief that my son is not in my arms right now. He has never been apart from me and his mom ever. And he is already in foster care pre any evidence or investigation of a false revenge fueled CPS hotline call….WTF is this Russia?


  3. You know what everything you just stated is exactly on point. I’m am going through something similar right now. Why on earth do they get to play god. They do not have the children’s best interest at heart. My daughter has been placed with many different family member and has been in a group home now for the past 3 months. She has been exposed to all kinds of violence and scarey people I in my life have never been exposed to. She has cutt herself in their care, she has gotten a homemade tatoo of hot mascara and a needle, has been threatened has had her window broken by a group of girls wanting to jump her. Gets her stuff stolen. Is now cussing perhaps worse than a trucker. All of that has been acceptable to having my child’s best interest at heart. Her and my bond are stronger than anything. She is self distructing cause she just wants to come home. I have done absolutely everything they asked. There has been an issue with my drug testing though . I know for a fact I’m not doing a drug called methamphetamine. But they keep insinuating I do. First of all I completed all there friken classes therapy mental health meds parenting and more. I have went to all my drug tests no excuses I have been testing dirty ever since after the first two tests. Reason being after I was released from the hospital for overdosing on my prescription meds I was afraid of taking meds period. So the social worker told me they’d be checking my levels and would know weather or not I was taking my mental health meds . so I must take all my meds as prescribed . which is a whole bunch the things I require for my dentures after recently having over 24 of NY teeth pulled, my heart meds which is a total of 4 for that alone, dephidramine, my asthma inhaler, plus two pills for my mental health was Prozac and ability and now is Prozac and some other kind . Ever since then my tests have came back positive. An they won’t look into determining why ? No they just want to say I’m guilty upon my following their instructions to take all my meds. That is the one and only thing they have to keep my 3 children from me. I have never hurt my children only had a lapse of judgment with myself. Now that I have learned the consequences of my actions are I will never let myself become that weak ever again. I have always kept my children’s best interest at heart. I have court coming up on Jan. 5, 2016. My dispositional hearing. An haven’t been able to get a hold of my attorney. My children haven’t heard from theirs yet they are the ones who have complete control over our lives. I am going to try to speak for myself. I’m hoping my words come out right and god be on my side I don’t know what other way I can do it… But I do have my call log my drug screen receipts, a letter from my dentist , a letter from my Reverend at church, a letter of character from my best friend since 7 th grade. Pictures of the house. An I’m waiting on my medical records for my cardiologist seeing how I retain fluid an my hearts injection fraction is 20% . An I have my word as well as hope god will be able to make the impossible possible.


  4. Dhs removed my daughter july 6 illlegally ive been rail roaded in court and appointed and attorney that wont listen to anything i have to say only wants ne to plege no contest to neglect my daughtet is not in any way neglected please help


    • hi Melinda my name is Miranda,
      I do know exactly what you’re talking about and everything you just mentioned is 100% true now let me tell you I’m going through the exact same thing the exact exact same thing in my case but I have 3 children now really what I’ve done is I reached out I put my story out there and I started talking about things I researched and I researched and researched because mind you it’s just a possible risk of imminent harm in the future yet since the first day I gave one of my kids weren’t removed from me I was actually told to voluntarily place them with family to show the court and CPS DCFS that I was trying to comply with them and I was told that it should work in my favor I was also told if I completed my first safety plan in time that it wouldn’t go to court the emergency response worker CPS worker DCFS worker lied.
      see even though I completed everything in time she had Vacations so the day after I signed their little safety plan to comply I’m the very next day she went in and submitted the court documents and it was at that point that I really really started to fear for my children’s lives for my life because I heard all the horror stories and I’ve heard horror stories about kids that are thrown into the system I’ve always been the best mom that I could be to my children my children are my world you’re my everything and let me tell you I don’t know how far into your case you are but I’m already a little bit over a year almost almost a year-and-a-half but not just yet so there’s so many things that have going on in the case and court appointed attorney private attorney they’re almost the same thing now what I’m going to share with you is this is that now only now that we got a new judge after she already gave sole custody of one of my kids to a biological father who was absent for 14 years who is a multiple convicted felon when I had no criminal record whatsoever they made up all kinds of lies about me really really need DCFS CPS makes up lies about you they’re fact they’re considered like that I guess and they make it such a power struggle for you to have to prove that whatever their facts are which they pull them out of the sky you’re going to have to try your damndest to prove otherwise I’m actually in a situation where that judge actually got fired thank thank God I don’t know how or who reported her but she was fired so only recently my last 3 court dates are being seen by a new judge who’s I guess fresh to the system she seems very sweet and very down-to-earth I was able to talk this last court date and I was able to get my daughter who’s the oldest that they already earned all the money they can offer for her I was able to get her in my custody and after they completely totally destroyed or let me tell you and I still have to deal with them okay because I’m not stopping till I get all my children back it is going to be the longest hardest struggle to do everything and get everything I would love to share with you everything that I’ve done but it would be like it would take a little bit but I do have really insightful and helpful information to share with you if you’d like to know more or let me know about you I would greatly appreciate that I’ll give you my personal number my name is Miranda solevilla and my phone number it’s my cell so you can message me call me whatever you are more comfortable with my number is 626-638-8817 I look forward to hopefully connecting with you and being able to talk anytime doesn’t matter


  5. well darn William R burns you totally took the words right out of my mouth I agree with everything said 100% thank you for having the courage to put it out there and say so you are not alone I believe each and every single word and back it to the fullest I hope that you are now doing well I’m not sure if you got your child back or where you are in the case or if your case has already closed but truly from the bottom of my heart I’m so sorry your family has had to be put through this horrible awful unimaginable horror Story i to know exactly how awful watching and going through
    this awful nightmare as it unfolds would love to hear how you were doing if you’d like to contact me or ever need to talk my name is Miranda solevilla and you can contact me by phone which would be 626-638-8817 that’s my cell number so you can either call message me whatever you’re most comfortable with if you ever need to talk or you can get my email below to whatever works for you if you’re willing to talk or want to talk anydo appreciate your thank you for sharing again I greatly do appreciate your courage


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