Money from the U.S. Government: Child Welfare Funding 2012

Wow! First of all, there is an organization called American Humane, which has combined child welfare with animal welfare. What’s that all about?

Second, here are two links that will show you just how much money the child protection racket gets.  A lot of the money comes from the money YOU pay, out of your paycheck, to Social Security which is not being saved for YOU when you retire, instead they are giving it to CPS! What’s even crazier is that Riverside County, California is advertising on the radio and other mediums, for donations of money for foster care! If that budget had been dramatically cut I could kind of see a need but look at how much they get! If what they get now is not enough, maybe they should STOP TAKING CHILDREN FROM THEIR FAMILY AND PUTTING THEM IN FOSTER CARE!! Am I right or no?

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