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The Juvenile Dependency Court’s Public Purpose:

As defined in California Welfare & Institutions Code Section § 202:

 The purpose of the juvenile court is to secure for each minor under its jurisdiction such care and guidance, preferably in his own home, as will serve the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical welfare of the minor and the best interests of the State; to preserve and strengthen the minor’s family ties whenever possible, removing him from the custody of his parents only when necessary for his welfare or for the safety and protection of the public; and, when the minor is removed from his own family, to secure him custody, care and discipline as nearly as possible equivalent to that which should have been given by his parents.

Interestingly worded! Let’s look at some key points.

Our site’s claims that neither CPS nor the Juvenile Court personnel truly have the “child’s best interests” at heart. W&I Code §202 confirms that they don’t. This says “the best interests of the State”.  This also gives the court the power to remove a child from his parents for the safety and protection of the public!

I also notice that the language specifically states “his” when referring to the minor. What happened to the politically correct, “his/her”? This prompts me to research the number of boys removed from parents vs. girls removed. Stay tuned, that and more coming soon.

Sharon Joyce-Burns for donnellyjustice

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