The practices of CPS: Funded by the Federal Government, This Agency Fails The Family

by: donnellyjustice

The taking of our children has become more common than people realize. According to some of the most recent reports by HHS, the family possesses a threat to the government. I don’t understand that thinking and it makes no sense.  Sounds like a way to continue destroying families for money.  The family is the cornerstone of America. Children need their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, you know, the FAMILY. The government already has proof that parents do a much better job raising children. We should not allow this to continue. I am going to start posting the actual reports, with the social worker’s names on it, and the alleged drug test results from my case that prove the social workers lie and fabricate evidence.

The State of California and the federal government are allowing CPS to abuse children and inflict terrorism on families. Accepting false allegations from a known child abuser on the Child Abuse Hotline place innocent parent and families at risk of being railroaded by this unfair and bias system. Parents are never allowed to face the accuser in a court of law. All evidence allowing this to take place is based on an allegation not proof. CPS comes out like a Nazi organization using coercion and threatens the parents with lies of losing your children and saying they have proof. Scaring the parents until they feel insane, just to get them to sign a case plan, as CPS steals your children.  Our government is giving incentives for social workers to manipulate the family into taking services even though everything is just a lie. School teachers are pushing children to speak badly of their parent’s actions at home so they can call CPS. The court takes the opinion of CPS over top of the parents who are losing all rights to protect their children. We have to stop this. I love my children; we can’t live this way or continue to except this treatment. We need to change things today.

Our nation’s children are no longer safe in their homes, schools, or anywhere they go. Far too often, the threat is not from traditional trouble makers such as school bullies, class-cutters, and neighborhood drug-dealers but rather from the adults entrusted with the care of our children. Social workers, unlicensed social workers, intolerant and extremist teachers, school administrators, police officers, district attorneys, and judges are a serious and growing threat to our children. They believe that children who make a minor mistake or dare to express an opinion or personal preference that is not in compliance with government thought control and anti-free-speech policies should be treated like felons. Even having to attend to basic bodily functions like using the bathroom and eating in schools controlled by these extremists can be a threat to the safety of our children.

Our friendly faced uncaring government goons have made up euphemisms for their agendas. Given their limited intelligence, their choice phrases must be succinct. We end up with a school administration that tries to force children on medication for reasons like he has too much energy. This was my fight when my son was in the first grade. His teacher, and I will call her  Mrs. Pain, called CPS because she insisted my son was hyperactive and needs Ritalin. I told her no, what he needs is a teacher who spends time with her students. CPS was called into the school and told me if I did not get my son put on this Ritalin hey would take him and the rest of my children.

I refused to get my son put on speed to make the teacher happy. So the doctor tried my son on other drugs to get the desired affect Mrs. Pain was after. After watching my son go through all kinds of side effects for a week, I took him off the medicine. CPS ordered me to see a judge so I could be served a court order to continue to give my son drugs. I told the judge my son is not hyper he is a very intelligent and just wants the teacher to like him. He is nervous because she is always upset with him for standing at his desk, he does the work, gets good grades, and he is a very good boy. I am concerned about all the side effects these drugs have on him. I refuse to continue to treat my son like this. I told the judge that if I was allowed to go to school with my son every day, I will show the school how wonderful of a child he is and help out for free every day. The teacher and the social worker both battled me on my offer, but the judge said that was never offered before and he would be willing to give it a shot. If it did not work then I would be forced to give him the Meds or risk losing him.

The following Monday I went to school with my son. I was shocked and disappointed in the location the teacher had my son sitting which was in the far corner on the other side of the class, away from everyone. The teacher said to me as soon as my son stood up for the first time while I was there, “See, he is doing it again. He is out of control!” Then she yelled at him to sit down. I explained to her how he suffers from chronic leg spasms and that is why he stands, to alleviate the pain. I then brought his desk back over to the group of 6 desks he was in before he had been moved. I continued to work with my son everyday for the rest of that school year. I took off of work to do that and he improved so much because I was concerned about his feelings and what he was going through. That year he won just about every award that teacher had to offer. To this day he is a well-adjusted very hard working young man. I couldn’t be more proud. Don’t be so quick to judge children and place them on drugs for something that is just a failure to communicate and a lack of parental attention. If he would have been put on that drug he could have been addicted for life. Because, you know, when the kids on Ritalin grow up, they take them off of it and then what do they do? They score speed on the street. They are allowed to take it when they are kids but not when they are adults. That is so stupid.  Children are not experiments for doctors and teachers. They are our children and parents know what is best for our children. Government doesn’t need to be in every child’s life because a teacher makes a call to CPS. These schools seem to have completely lost the concept of being an inspiration to young children. Rather the mentality is: “Oh an active child, oh no! Calm them down, give them medication and blame the parents.

One of the new things I hear around schools is “zero tolerance” and I believe that this is one catch-phrase invented by “safety minded” school officials. No tolerance for creativity so they feel they must suppress individuality, ban freedom of speech, enforce dogmatic thinking, and criminalize  opinions that are counter to the teachers nerves is what it basically means. Coming from a more sensible age in which I could chose the color of my clothes and a pocket knife was not a weapon of mass destruction but rather a basic tool that many kids carried to school, it seems to me that kids today should be raising civil disobedience groups and learning guerrilla warfare tactics after they have been exposed to this extremism. But oddly it seems to be gradually zapping many of them into mind-numbed drones. Or maybe they are too busy playing Grand Theft Auto and Halo to know that sometimes criminals and conflicts are real.

The corruption in government knowing everything because we know how to get money for kids is perverse. “Kids for Cash” is another catch-phrase invented by somebody in the government, quite possibly by thousands of them at about the same time. Social workers realized that when they see smiling little kids, they think of vacation money, large bonuses in their pockets, so it was a natural expression of their intent to use other people’s children for their own economic security. Although it’s not clear which government agency invented it first, many of them, from the courts to “CPS” to schools, are living by it. Seldom is anything done to distract the government from viewing our children as money sources and pawns for profit except in the most bizarre and extreme cases that even the goons are embarrassed by it. I suspect when something is done to temporarily divert the greedy goons from monetizing our children, it is only because these extreme.

This is becoming so hurtful to take control over parents and destructive to the children as well as the rest of the family. Parents treat their kids with much more love and care, even according to National statistics, than CPS but they keep saying they are out to help children, when they take them from homes. When are we as Americans going to get sick of government taking control over our lives and doing what money commands? Their motives are so clear; CPS doesn’t care about my child, your child or any children, just as long as they get their money. If you knew your child would be molested in CPS care, would you let your child be taken still? This happens way too often. No, you would fight to protect your child. What happened to that stand up and fight for what’s right America used to have? Our children are getting hurt by the people pay to protect them.

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